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Finding a good range of products that fit in with the active lifestyle of the gym or outdoor sports can be challenging!  Toiletries marketed at women can be sweet, sickly or not refreshing enough.  We love the range from ActivBod and have been using at the pool after a sesh to feel even better about the exercise we’ve done!  Thanks to the green tea and sea minerals – this body and skin care range is specifically designed to help the body prepare for exercise, recover quicker and to encourage an active lifestyle

I like the body scrub and shower gel after being in the pool as it really enhances the clean skin feeling after having a dip in chlorine laden water.  The Mind over Matter balm, my husband loves before going out snowboarding as the scent energises him  – he’s often groggy after waking up.


Since it’s been so cold here, after exercise I haven’t wanted to use the cooling body lotion but I bet after a bike ride in the summer it will go down at absolute treat in the warm weather.

The fragrance and formula is really simple, it’s not pretty or sparkly or silky – it’s just simple and effective.  The formula in the shower gel is concentrated which just means carry less in your sports bag as we all know how heavy they can get after you’ve added up the shampoo, antiperspirant, lotions and sprays!

Here’s an example of the run down of ingredients in the shower gel;

Green tea extract and deep sea minerals cleanse and deodorise.

Sweet almond oil nourishes the skin to leave it feeling soft and supple.

The energising fragrance of lemon, pepper and eucalyptus reawakens body and mind.

You can get 3 tubes of shower gel for just £10 which is great bearing in mind the work gone into this and the natural ingredients contained 😉


Founded by Lara Morgan – entrepreneur, triathlete and mother of three – activbod’s mission is to encourage, inspire and reward active lifestyles. With some of the country’s most inspiring sports-people championing the brand, this is one start-up serious about raising the nation’s heart rate!

Find out more about activbod and their mission and to shop the full range of products visit or follow @iamactivbod on social media


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