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It’s safe to say I’ve not had a bath in years.  Baths are highlighted as being a great way to unwind and relax – you can sit there in the bubbles under candlelight and let your worries ebb away.  But what about poor suckers like us who don’t have a bath in the house?  What are we supposed to do to unwind?  We are rarely thought of – there are no “shower bombs” or neck pillows for us 🙁 So the next best thing when you have a shower are amazing body treats and I’m a huge follower of brands that make in shower experiences more pleasant.

Rule no1 – NO SCRUBS IN TUBS!!  Can’t tell you how annoying this is, the shower is in full flow, there’s steam everywhere and you have to unscrew a tub with one hand, hold it in the other while you pile out the mixture onto your skin and then find somewhere to store the tub while you work the mixture in *facepalm*

Thankfully the shower boffins at SenSpa aren’t stupid – their gorgeous “Detox” shower scrub is in a well sized and squeezy, standable container.  Top marks there.  The mixture itself is a heavenly blend of exfoliating bits organic seaweed, essential oils of sweet orange, lime and rosemary.  A blend of nine essential oils create a spa ambience reminiscent of the exotic East. These oils work together with seaweed, deed sea salts and pumice to polish roughness away and restore healthy skin radiance and softness.  The lush body wash contains organic argan oil and essential oils of jasmine, cedarwood and ylang ylang and is a real treat for the senses!






Nourishing Body Wash £5.95 from Waitrose Detox Shower Scrub – £6.95 from Waitrose.

Helpfully – if you are keen to stay a green goddess – all of their products are as natural as they can possibly be and are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, Sulphates and animal ingredients. The full range can be found online and instore at Waitrose!

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