Amy Childs launches first signature fragrance

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As with most celebrities, there comes a time when you are influential enough to create your own fragrance.  Now Amy is not shacked up in her garage brewing away rose petals and other such flowers (although the thought of her in a boiler suit does make me smirk a little)

Amy has collaborated with experts in the industry to create a fragrance and packaging that embodies her personality – they say fabulous and feminine – we say bold and overtly sexual.  Even the bottle colour being purple screams ostentatiousness (not sure if that’s a word but it’s not giving me squiggly lines so all good)

Having said that – the juice inside the bottle should be the main reason for your purchase – we all know the pitfalls of focusing too much on creating a unique bottle and forgetting about making a decent juice! (the BBC4 documentary on making perfume highlighted how long it look the company to create a bottle for Hilfiger with frankly rubbish juice inside and was in the bargain basements within 6 months)

Top notes in this fragrance remind me very heavily of a well known fragrance, a good seller – I just can’t put my finger on it.  It’s fruity and sweet – almost lychee like.  It then fades in to a floral heart of lotus, purple orchid and the notes say something called Champaca.  I don’t know what that is or what it is supposed to smell like mind you!

Base notes – they say purple violet, amber, skin musk, soft woods and vanilla (pretty much every base note going).  I only had the sample vials to try it out so there wasn’t enough really to develop into the base – if anything I’d say it was the violet and vanilla that stood out.  Although it is an EDT so don’t always expect them to last for 8 hours on your skin!


It’s actually quite pleasant.  You could get away with wearing this in a number of situations – office, drinks, shopping- it doesn’t get in your face too much.  The top lychee notes are fresh and sweet and the floral notes linger long enough to make it a worthwhile investment.  With the base notes they should really have concentrated on one or two rather than trying to cram all the different types of base notes – vanilla, amber, musk – in one perfume.

Sadly with all celebrity perfumes – you tend to buy based on whether you like or admire that person and I know Amy gets a bit of a bad rap for being – well being Amy really!  Her ruthless ambition to become successful often strikes a bum note with the public but fair play to her for sticking to her guns and doing what she wants to do.

Would make a lovely signature fragrance for a young lady or a great supplimentary fragrance if you like juice of the sweet/floral/vanilla variety – I would have no problem having it in my collection – I have a J-Lo and a Britney – but I buy them because I like the fragrance and not necessarily the creator.

Buy online at her website or in most perfume shops

30mls – £14.99

50ml – £19.99

50ml EDT gift set containing shimmer body lotion and wash – £23


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