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What’s more relaxing that a deep, warm bath and scented candles?  Not much these days – with our stressful and busy lives we often forget to take a time out and enjoy simple pleasures of life.

But stop for a minute – we are extremely critical of the ingredients we put on our skin – what about the ingredients we inhale?  Many commercial candles are paraffin based – is that really something you want to be inhaling along with your steamy bathwater?  Researchers at South Carolina State University analysed the fumes released by burning candles in lab tests and they found paraffin wax candles gave off harmful fumes linked to lung cancer and asthma.

This wonderful range of British made candles are soy/beeswax based ONLY and contain 100% organic essential oils

An impressive range of harmonious fragrances to match every mood – AromaWorks pride themselves on creating blissful moments to allow you to get in the mood  – wether that is relaxed, sensual or invigorated;

NURTURE – our deep relaxing blend of oils which helps you to have a good nights sleep.

SERENITY – feel like you are in a SPA, great for hormones as widely used in spa massages.

INSPIRE – great for the kitchen – deodorizes cooking smells and invigorates the cook.
SOULFUL – fantastic for those by the fire evenings or for those in touch with their spiritual side.

YIN – using feminine sensual oils to create a romantic mood in any room

YANG – our masculine partner to the Yin candle – a perfect partnership

We sampled “Nuture” which contains the absolutely stunning but under-utilised May-Chang which has a tangy, lemony edge and the divine sandalwood which has a slightly woody and exotic scent.  Together they create a unique fragrance that softens the environment and makes you feel more chilled.

What’s impressive about these candles is the fact that the scent lingers really well – not only do you get a lovely aroma before it has been lit but the fragrance warms through the room once burning and clings to the little corners of the room.

If you are not a candle fan or want something to radiate scent throughout the day – reed diffusers are a brilliant option – if you haven’t seen these before – the long reed part goes into the oil blend and the oil travels up the reed, soaking it through and releasing the fragrance over time.  They are wonderful!

Reed Diffuser


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