Banish the Mummy Tummy – The Science Behind your Post Pregnancy Body

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With celebs seemingly experiencing baby fever it seems that everyday a new celebrity arrival is due or announced. All eyes are on the mummy’s to be and how quickly they return to their pre pregnancy body.

But it’s not just a celeb concern. Finding the best way to snap back to your pre baby figure is something that most new mums are searching for. From dieting and exercise both during, and after pregnancy there is concern that many mums are pushing the limits of healthy in order to achieve immediate weight loss.

However, the answer could lie within a technique that is centuries old!

For centuries, Japanese mothers have used their “Sarashi” to speed up weight loss and toning of the abdominal muscles and skin after childbirth, while Hispanic mommies believe their “faja” helps bring all the muscles used in the birthing process back together again. No matter what you call it, women in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Latin America, Mexico, Spain, England, and the Philippines have benefited from using an abdominal compression wrap after childbirth. No wonder so many US celebrities have gotten on board!

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Here’s the science…

During pregnancy women produce a large amount of the hormone Relaxin. This hormone’s job is to relax the ligaments in the pelvis and soften and widen the cervix in preparation for childbirth. Relaxin stays in the body for up to 3 months after delivery!

This means that muscles are softer and respond to compression! Belly Bandit’s medical grade compression, helps the body return to its pre-pregnancy form, working with the body to guide muscles back to their original form whilst the relaxin hormone naturally leaves the body!

Belly Bandit’s premiere post-pregnancy shapewear collection helps new mums look and feel their best!

Highly recommended by physicians, nurses, and of course, new mums the Belly Bandit range compresses the belly, waist and hips to safely and effectively ease the body back to its pre-pregnancy shape.

The full range is available online!


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