Bathroom Tile Trends in 2022

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We have been spending more on renovating their homes in the last few years, as revealed by a recent survey of over 3,000 homeowners in the UK. According to the survey, we’re spending 36% more on average, as we seek to improve our own homes instead of risking it on the volatile housing market.

The bathroom is a particularly personal area of the home to renovate, being a space for relaxation as well as our morning and evening routines. 2022 is also an interesting year for interior design, with a number of aesthetics making a big comeback. Here are some of the biggest tiling trends for 2022, to help you refine your bathroom renovation plans and craft the perfect bathing space. 

Rustic Rock Features

Incorporating rocks and pebbles into your walls can create a real sense of dimensionality in your bathroom, at a budget as well. While natural rock features were once well-entrenched in the outdated ‘New Age’ design trend, they have seen a major resurgence recently. Natural themes are well and truly in this year; some of this resurgence can also be attributed to a sustainability movement in the wake of a growing climate crisis.

Patterned Tiles

While patterned tiles can represent a more significant expense when it comes to bathroom wall decoration, their relative timelessness has combined with the eclectic maximalism of the 2020s to create an incredibly appealing option. Whether you spring for rustic Moroccan terracotta, vibrant Mediterranean encaustics, or strong modernist geometric patterns, the contrast with your flooring and bathroom units promises to turn your bathing space into a luxurious environment.

Tiling Patterns

Further to patterned tiles, the art of creating patterns out of tiles has also once again become vogue – especially herringbone patterns in bathroom flooring, reminiscent of wooden parquet flooring that has regained popularity in other areas of home décor. With the right floor tile adhesive to ensure tile patterns are watertight and protected, designing your own tiling pattern can be an enduring way to make a statement from your bathroom.

Bold, Smoky Colours

Lastly, in something of a general trend across interior design aesthetics, bold colours are fully in. From British racing greens in living spaces to dark, sumptuous blues in kitchens and dining areas, new décor trends cannot get enough of full-bodied colour. Bathrooms are no different, with heavy-glazed greens and smoky blues a powerful way to assert a mood in your bathing space. Brick-shaped tiles are particularly popular with regard to green bathroom tiling, evoking a somewhat Victorian sensibility and adding an air of distinguishment to proceedings.

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