5 Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

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If you are thinking about renovating or modernising your home, you have probably short-listed your builders, plumbers, and electricians, but have you thought about who you are going to use for your interior design? Sure, you could do it yourself but there are several reasons why you should consider calling in the experts.  Here are 5 reasons to hire an interior designer.

Professional Expertise

An interior designer can give you professional guidance about what looks good where. They will be a fresh pair of eyes on your home and know through years of training how best to fill your space depending on the style of your home and your personality. They are paid to add the wow factor to your home and a good one won’t disappoint you.

To Save You Time

You could do the work yourself, but it will be a lot of hassle to source all the materials and products you need on your own. An interior designer will know exactly where to look for each piece and won’t need to spend hours trawling the internet. This can save you a lot of time. 

To Save You Money

It may seem a bit of a contradiction to pay a professional for work you could attempt yourself and it saves you money, but often an interior designer can save you more than they cost. For example, they can get trade discounts through various suppliers, and this could be a lot cheaper than you would pay yourself. 

A professional will have a lot more buying power than you. Even if you attempt to haggle with a supplier, chances are they will say no as you are only a single customer, and it isn’t worth their while to negotiate. However, the interior designer could be coming to them for the tenth time that month and they will be a valued customer worthy of a discount.

Their Trade Contacts

An interior designer will know a lot of tradespeople. For example, work with an Interior Designer Cambridge UK and they are also likely to know tilers, carpet layers, upholsterers, and many other tradespeople from the local area. They can pull the whole project together even if they can’t do every job themselves. This alone could make them worth their weight in gold. 

To Save You Stress

You may be keen to get started and put your own mark on your home but the stress of coordinating everything yourself can be exhausting. Hiring an Interior Designer means that you can let someone else take the strain while you sit back and admire your home once it is finished. 

There are ways that you can cut costs when you are renovating or modernising your home, but the services of an Interior Designer shouldn’t be where you try to save money. Not only could this cost you more money in more expensive materials, but it can also cause you a lot of stress. There are some things best left to the professionals. 

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