5 Budget Ideas to Update Your Bedroom

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Our bedrooms are a special place. It is where we spend our cosy mornings, where we go to have some time to ourselves, where we try (and often fail) and get a full 8 hours of quality sleep. We hate leaving our beds and long for the day to be over so we can crawl back into them!

However, that does not mean we don’t want to keep things fresh and updated to suit our ever-changing lifestyles, personalities, and styles. We also do not want to spend a fortune doing it.

This piece will discuss five budget ideas that you can use to update your bedroom. 

Change Your Bed Sheets

We have come a long way since large floral patterns and frilly edges were the only style you can get your hands on for your bedding. Sure, they are definitely back in the fashion now, but we have a lot more to choose from. Whether you love glow-in-the-dark dinosaurs, a Rorschach test pattern, or a simple block colour, your bed sheets will make a massive difference to how your room looks. This is a great affordable way to mix things up, especially if you look for offers on bedding online! 

Upcycle Furniture

Furniture is the building block to any room, and while some pieces can be expensive, they do not have to be! Upcycling is extremely popular now, as it is easier than ever to get hold of old or unwanted furniture thanks to the internet and create something that you love with some simple sanding, a new coat of paint, and some jazzy handles. Some people love the vintage vibe just as it is! You can also upcycle your current furniture if you love the structure of your current pieces.

Move Things Around

If you are able, one of the easiest and free options for updating your room is to change your layout. Moving your main pieces of furniture around, including your bed, can give your room an entirely new look for nothing more than a bit of muscle power. There are many different options to choose from if you can put your imagination to it, and you can then put into practice your perfect bedroom layout.

Dress Up the Walls 

Another great way to change up your room is to put up your favourite art, photographs, or ornaments around the room. Not only does this allow you to inject your personality, but styling with these removable objects means you can update whenever you feel like a new change or a different look!

Invest In a Rug 

Carpet can be very difficult to replace, not to mention the fact that it can be extremely expensive and also feel like a waste if you are in a rented property.
Rugs can really help change the appearance of the room and cover up an unsightly carpet all in one go. Plus, you can take them with you when you are on the move to your next place, or feel like they would better suit a different room in your home. 

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