Become a Super Market Saver: Grocery Shopping on a Budget

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We’ve all had to do grocery shopping on a budget. Suffice to say, it isn’t the easiest thing to pull off.

This is especially true when you have a lot on your plate. Figuring out a routine grocery list that doesn’t break the bank can take some time.

Ultimately, it comes down to knowing a few secrets to get what you need without missing the essentials.

We have some tips for you that can help you to cover your weekly shop while getting everything you need, whether you shop online or in store.

Things To Consider To Maximize Grocery Shopping On A Budget

Stick To The Script       

In order to actually keep a track of spending, you have to take a little time to work out what you can afford.

The average shopper will shell out 6% of their monthly budget on buying groceries. You can use this figure as a rough guide to work out how much you should be spending.

If you are going into the store, make sure to take your list with you and stick to it. This is especially true if your children insist on giving you a hand.

Another vital tip is to not try and do your shopping on an empty stomach. It’s a fact that we spend a lot more money shopping when we’re hungry.

Make sure to have a good meal before you leave the house. You should also do a check on what groceries you have in your panty already to avoid unnecessary spending.

Price Compare                                 

You can make budgeting easier by being aware of how much things are.

Take your time to weigh the nutritional values of similar items that are different in price. This can enable you to see where there might be a big difference between items.

If there’s not much of a difference, it’s just the packaging that you’re spending money on.

If you’re stressed out or in a rush, shop somewhere that you are familiar with so you can get in and out with relative ease. This is easier in some places than others, but usually, if somewhere is close by, it’s more likely to be cheaper.

Having to travel less can make all the difference, and supporting local farmers is always a good use of your money.

Let The Whole Family Help

If you get your family to give you a hand when shopping, there’s less chance that the food you buy isn’t well received.

We’re not saying you should bow to pressure about eating junk food every night of the week but make it clear what your family can expect to be getting for dinner, and you can curb food wastage.

If you’re doing the math as you go along, you can give this task to the kids. This will make them feel more involved and help you stick to your plan.

Great Tips For Grocery Shopping

Be Wary Of Sales

It is very easy to get caught up in tempting sales. However, you have to be wary of only purchasing what you need.

If you are seeing a 3-for-1 deal but you only make it through three of these items in the week, then it’s just a waste.

Make Just One Trip

Make a promise to only go to the grocery store once per week, regardless of what you think you need. Doing multiple trips can end up in you spending a lot more than you need to buy because of buying impulsively.

Going to the store multiple times a week can also make you invest in lazy purchases. If you are tired or stressed out, you’re more likely to bow to pressure on purchasing a pizza or ready meal.

Only make choices when you have got the energy or your mind isn’t on other things.

Get Resourceful

Being resourceful with what you already have at home will not only save you money but can help you to be more inventive in the kitchen.

Rummage through your cupboards and see what you have and try to make a dish that is suitable. Also remember to check the pantry, freezer, or spice drawer.

Google is your friend! If you don’t know how to put together certain ingredients, a quick search might help.

Plan Ahead Of Time

Planning out your meals can go along way. If you wait until later in the day to work out what you want to cook, you’ll probably end up ordering some food in.

While this may seem like a great solution at the time, you’ll be annoyed at wasting money that could’ve been spent elsewhere. Not only that but buying food to order is an easy way to pack on the pounds.

It is also worth creating meals that can last more than one day or having food prepared that can be used as lunch leftovers.

Freezing food can also help it to last a lot longer.

Customize your own treats and snacks using leftover food. Buy multipacks and food bags to make individual bites that you can take with you in a hurry.

Planning the meals you want to eat for the coming week before going shopping can save you a lot of money and stress. If you feel like planning for the whole week is a little too much, try doing so for 3 or 4 days instead.

Get A Little Help

It may be the case that you don’t have enough income, despite being careful with your food budget. If you’re looking for a quick cash injection, then you can always scout for the best deal on a payday loan.

There is a wide variety available on this page and some of them even accept less than ideal credit.

Best Way To Save Money                          

Grocery shopping on a budget can leave you with spare cash for buying household items or holidays. Extra cash will not only allow you to do more, but you’ll feel great knowing you can pick up a few extra things you deserve.

You can also find some great discounts on household items, clothing and occasionally furniture.

While it still requires a bit of diligence, there are a whole host of apps and tools that will enable you to find the best deals to save you money. For more on how you can cut back on expenses, check out this piece here.

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