Been to Bluewater?

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Bluewater is a lovely shopping centre in Kent at 155,7000m² – enough to keep any beauty junkie and fashionista busy for a day or two!

There are some great shops here – including Rituals and Molton Brown stores and some amazing eating places!  The only downside I found was because you have a House of Fraser and a Debenhams – some of the beauty counters are duplicate – such as Bobbi Brown Clarins, YSL, Clinique etc.  I would have preferred to see more niche brands such as Illamasqua, Cosmetics a la Carte, Art Deco.

I loved the doggies in the window of Hobbs as their window display theme – it was awesome.  I also visited the Rigby & Peller shop – although it’s not the same as the London one that does made to measure.  Pretty bras for DD and under.  Bigger boobs have better choice than elsewhere but not the same as the pretty ones 🙁

I ate in Yo Sushi – I’ve walked past loads of them in the past but never been in.  Great food but a little hard to work out what is what!

So all I bought was a few hairbands and lip balms from Claire’s and two bottles of water from Superdrug.  Appalling I know 🙁  But it had been a very long day and my feet were sore and I was pretty much hauling my carcass around…it wasn’t co-operating!

Picture heavy!

Gorgeous cupcakes!


doggie bag holder 🙂



Doggies in the window of Hobbs – great window dressing! I wish I looked this stylish walking the dog!


Rigby & Peller gown


Rituals store. Amazing products!


Molton Brown store


Bluewater at dusk


What I bought at Bluewater. Pathetic yes I know.











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