Beer And Wine Autumn Warmers With Melted Ombar Chocolate

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This autumn, why not try ethically made chocolate with wine or dark beer for an indulgent experience?

Choose from Morrison’s Asado Club Malbec, the new and exclusive way to enjoy your red wine. Designed for easy choosing and drinking, this four pack offers beer-bottle sized contents – great for two to share once you remove the crown cap. Since what you don’t drink doesn’t need corking or preserving, it remains fresh (and unopened) until next time. Get at £10 for a pack of four 250ml bottles or £9 for a 750ml bottle.

Dark Celia Premium Czech Lager, 13.5% abv
‘Brewed for food’ is how this premium Czech lager is being touted. It has a smooth, dark, red palate full of hops, caramel and rye overtones, and pairs well with red meats, deserts, or on its own. Celia benefits from natural carbonation, so eliminates the bloated feeling often associated with drinking lager. Ingredients include Bavarian malt, sand filtered water and bitter Saaz* hops. Gluten free, Celia is also suitable for vegetarians.

*Saaz hops are the world’s only protected hops, which enables CELIA to use the Protected Designation of Origin symbol. Available at £2.50 RRP from Oddbins, Ocado and Whole Foods Market.

And now for the chocolate delight. Ombar Centres is made with raw, organic, Ecuadorian cacao and unrefined coconut sugar, both natural and organically sourced ingredients. It’s also dairy and gluten free, so suitable for vegans. The new, enchanting flavours to their range are:

Ombar Raspberry and Coconut – think soft raspberry and a delicate coconut centre wrapped in a 60% chocolate shell. Definitely for the sophisticated.

Ombar Coconut and Vanilla – where Madagascan vanilla tussles with sweet coconut inside the 60% chocolate shell. We found both varieties creamy on the tongue, with strong coconut overtones. Our fave? The Raspberry and Coconut bar for its fruity flavour.

Buy Ombar Centres Chocolate bars from Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent health food stores, or online at Ombar chocolate. RRP £1.99.

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