Summer Sipping Drinks part 1 – fruity beers

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This is the first of our selection of fruity, summer tipples great for the barbecue, a meal in, or just to drink on their own. The best part is they’re all available from your local Aldi supermarket for a pocketful of change.

Aperini Ricetta Superiore Aperitif, abv 11.0% from where??

This liqueur is prepared with bitter and sweet oranges, plus herbs and roots from an Italian inspired recipe. Admittedly we found the taste unique, if acquired, however it is drinkable neat, and mixes easily with cola or fruit juice.  For a prosecco spritz twist, simply add a slice of orange and crushed ice to 3 parts prosecco and 2 parts Aperini.

For beer drinkers:

Aldi brand brewer The Hop Foundry immerses itself into craft brewing land with exciting flavours that complement summer feasting packaged in ‘between size’ 440ml cans. Our verdicts below:

Sharp Tongue Grapefruit Pale Ale, abv 4%

Heavy on citrus, with a refreshing palate of grapefruit to temper strongly flavoured, barbecued meats.

Strawberry Lager, abv 4.5%

Despite the enticing, strawberry aroma, we found this displayed a sour-ish, red berry taste, leading the author to believe it may be good for balancing the palate after very sweet eats.  

The Hop Foundry also offers:

  • Twice As Nice Double IPA, a premium canned classic which boasts rich and intense hop and malt flavours.
  • Stout About It Vanilla Stout, a dark drink with a creamy head and a vanilla flavoured overtone.
El Bandido Beer Bière Cerveza Tequila Flavour Beer, abv 5.9%

This novel offering combines regular beer with a tequila kick. The palate and aroma is reminiscent of lemonade shandy and it is exceedingly easy to drink. It’s worth remembering this is a relatively strong beer, so take it easy! Sold in a three-bottle pack of 330ml each.

And last but not least, this non-beer snuck in:

Prosecco Rosé DOC, 2019, 11% abv, Italy

Our sample 200ml bottle was almost too cute to open! This pleasing, aromatic wine offers hints of strawberry and peach on the palate with nosey red fruit and floral aromas. Made from Italian Glera and Pinot Noir grapes, the finish murmurs with gentle bubbles.

For info on the other drinks in the image, see our part 2 Summer Sipping feature on reduced alcohol fizz here: Summer Sipping 2021 – part 2

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