Being Eco-Friendly with your home appliances

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When running a busy home it can be easy to be forgetful and let appliances just do their jobs day in and out.  Our washing machines, dishwashers and ovens get heavy amounts of use and we think they will go on forever.  Lots of people just let them break and then get a new one but as we know the environment can’t sustain this kind of wasteful attitude – the top tip from Simply Woman is to ensure that you engage a regular appliance repair technician to prolong the life of your machines.

It makes sense to purchase something of the best quality you can afford then ensure it works for you for many years to come.  I know it’s not as exciting as getting a new fancy machine with all the modern tech specs but at least you are giving the planet a chance! 

Or the other option if you are super keen to always be upgrading to the latest model is to sell on your older machine to someone with a lower income – they may be happy to take on a deluxe model at a reduced price if you have taken care of it well.

There are loads of buy and sell groups locally to you on Facebook, so you can make sure you can pass along your old appliance or even donate it to charity – there are a few that will take electrical items, test and clear them for sale and get them to people who need them the most.

So you can see how keeping on top of your appliances can not only benefit others but also the planet.

Just some handy tips on being more eco-friendly!

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