Time to ring the changes on the exterior of your property

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One of the most impressive and dramatic changes you can make to your property is replacing the doors and windows to something that is much more in line with your personal taste.  Unless you were luck enough to choose your style upon buying the house – it’s most likely it’s someone else’s taste and you probably look at them every time you pass and it makes you think of looking up windows and doors Richmond Hill on google and checking out the prices!

If you think you could manage the upgrade, there are several things to consider before investing in such a permanent product that you can’t take with you when you go

How much will it add to the value of the house?  Ask a local estate agent, find out what styles add value and which do not.  If you leave in a few years you want to recoup your investment through an increased house price!

Can your house sustain your family for the next however many years or will you need more space?  If your family is still growing it’s likely you will look to move somewhere else.  Unless the option of an extension to your property could keep you there.

Will your job keep you in the area long-ish term?  If your job is fairly stable and secure and you think if you paid up the cost of the doors and windows it would be from a consistent income then that should be a consideration – as well as if you may have to relocate.

Is your property listed or graded in that doors and windows not in keeping wouldn’t be allowed?  Some houses have restrictions on changing the aesthetics.  Definitely worth looking into but also look at your neighbours houses – will your choice look garish next to theirs?

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