Lesser known services you can use a locksmith for

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As you may know, it’s pretty essential to have an emergency locksmithon hand incase you lock yourself out (like I did the other month)

However there are other services that locksmiths can offer that you probably weren’t aware of.  Not all locksmiths will offer these services as they rely on strong training in these areas, but if you google locksmith near me – you should be able to highlight a couple of local merchants, read their services and reviews then make contact!

Home Security

The right locksmith will be able to test and assess the locks on your doors and windows to see how easy they would be for a thief to gain access to the property.  They can also look into how your valuables are protected and by what kind of system.  They may also be able to recommend storage devices for further protection.

Commercial Security

People generally only thing like this after a spate of break ins – in my local town signs started appearing in windows saying “no cash kept here overnight” so your locksmith should be able to stress test your commercial property for risk factors and recommend what you need to keep important documents and items safe – including computers.

Security Doors

For those people living in high crime areas, big cities or suburban areas whereby something like a panic room could keep you very safe, your local locksmith could recommend what materials would be required and the cost of installation.

Digital locks and intercoms

If it’s the future you are considering, you will need to source a locksmith who is competent with digital locks and their installation/maintenance and repair.  In addition, it would be helpful if using things like intercoms that relay to an entry system that the locksmith is able to at least integrate the technology part with the actual locking part of the system.


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