Ways To Protect Your Home Better

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A correctly installed deadbolt has some important criteria to meet in order to do its job properly.  The strike side should have a security plate with screws at least three inches long that go all the way into the wooden frame of the door.  Most likely you will have an emergency locksmith on hand so it’s worth calling them to come and do an assessment of your current set up and how they can be improved!

If the door in question has glass panes, it would be super easy for any burglar to put a brick through the glass, reach his hand in and turn a basic deadlock.  Make sure yours locks with a key from the inside! ***Important fire safety tip here though – if you are removing the key to ensure the glass can’t be broken in and the key reached – you will need to ensure it is within easy reach of the lock – perhaps in a slot holder taped to the wall out of reach of groping hands.***

Change the locks when you buy a new house!  It’s something we don’t think of in the excitement of buying a home but that elation at “getting the keys” could have a more sinister connotation.  Think how many hands those keys have passed through and anyone could have taken a copy for a hitlist.  Best to be safe than sorry.

If, like many folks you have the lovely looking sash windows, it’s worth bearing in mind they can be easily manipulated to gain access to the property.  Sash Jammers are a thing you can have installed to stop them being opened.

Patio doors can also be cranked by thieves who are well versed in various methods of accessing a house.  Patlocks are a special kind of lock restraint for French and patio doors that would be worth investing in.

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