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We came across this fabulous website called Bespoke Verse when we were looking for bespoke Christmas gifts and a few of the passages brought a tear to our eye!  There are poems about friendship, love, marriage and you can have them in frames, on tea towels or just a short statement on a mug.  Stroppy before coffee is very appropriate in our household!

These gifts would appeal to absolutely everyone – from close family members to friends and even teachers there’s a fantastic gift just waiting to be picked up!  We got a closer look at the lovely mugs which are in a fine bone china and feel very high quality, a lovely cotton dishcloth and the beautifully framed poems for sharing with a loved one.  You can get postcards, towels, makeup bags and notebooks as well as the framed prints of various sizes.

Outwith Christmas you can also have personalised marriage poems made up which are just a stunning gift for a couple and well outside the traditional gifts and something they will treasure forever.

Bespoke Verse

Stroppy before Coffee Mug – £11

What is a Friend? Tea Towel – £9.95

What is Love? Framed postcard -£19

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