Best Boating Trips of Europe

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Boating is a lovely way to enjoy a roaming holiday – why drive around towns and cities or to and from beautiful beaches when a boat can take you there just as easily and certainly in a more relaxing fashion! Sometimes boats get a reputation for being aimed at the “older folks” or just not very modern but there are some really cool ways to move around by boat.

Boat trips can be long or short duration – high capacity or low capacity and take you to hidden coves or glittering Mediterranean cities so it’s easy to find a trip that suits your style and budget. Mostly though, they provide fab ranges of cuisine by top chefs, places to relax on board and watch the world go by as well as entertainment in some of them. Always read the reviews on cruise operators as some are better than others!

River cruises can be a popular way of taking in the historic skylines of Europe – from the timeless Paris to bustling Lyon, Avignon and Provence and beyond – you can explore and move on hassle free and totally leisurely. It’s also a fab way to make your way through massive regions such as the Bordeaux river wine making county. On this luxurious river boat cruise you make your way to the towns of Bordeaux, Medoc and St Emillion -not only known for their legendary wines but also cognac, fine foods from the area and beautiful landscapes as far as the eye can see.

Island Hopping Cruises around the Greek islands are another popular way to enjoy boating holidays. There are various ways you can do this – from enjoying a week long sailing trip around the islands, hopping on and off at your leisure to all the pretty little coves and fishing villages or a two centre holiday where you spend only part of the time boating and the rest on land. See which interesting Paros villas take your fancy from operators such as Blueviu and that can be your base for exploring the wider area, enjoying some relaxing time beside the pool or going on shopping trips for local produce and souvenirs.

The boats themselves are generally classic sailing boats or sometimes a small version of what you might refer to as a “gin palace” – a great big yacht! The quarters are usually pretty tight in a sailing boat – whereas in a yacht may have more “proper” bedrooms so have a think about that and whether you might feel claustrophobic. The other really weird side effect of being on a boat for a week is that when you are back on land you’ll still feel “the motion of the ocean!” due to the fluid in your inner ears

Love the idea of sailing but would actually like to learn how to crew your own boats? RYA approved courses in the sunny and warm Mediterranean will teach you the skills you need to know on various types of boats from dinghies right up to keel boats and it’s a fab way to meet other like minded individuals or couples who are learning as well!

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