Breast Reduction Myths Every Woman Must Steer Clear Of

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Every woman dreams about having perfect breasts, but the natural shape and size seldom match expectations. Thankfully, there are ways to achieve the body of your dreams through surgical procedures. Much attention goes to breast augmentation surgery because most women want to go bigger. However, you may also opt for a reduction procedure if you feel too big. Before committing to the treatment, you must know the truth about the misconceptions surrounding it. Debunking the popular myths is crucial to go ahead more confidently. Here are breast reduction myths you must steer clear of.

Myth #1- You must wait until having your kids

Typically, a woman’s breasts expand and sag during and after pregnancy. It is a reason you may want to avoid a reduction procedure until you have your risks. But you may still opt for it because the surgery does not interfere with pregnancy. It also does not affect your chances of conception, so you can go ahead without thinking twice. Alternatively, you may wait until completing your family. The choice is all yours! 

Myth #2- You may face breastfeeding problems

Another myth regarding the procedure is that you may face breastfeeding issues after it. Although some milk ducts and tissues are removed during the process, others are still left intact. Not surprisingly, countless women undergoing the reduction process breastfeed normally without any problems. There is minimal risk, but getting an expert to do the procedure makes it negligible. 

Myth #3- Your breasts grow back again

The truth is that you need not worry about growing back again after undergoing breast reduction as an adult. You can get a breast reduction performed by Dr. Robert Cohen for desirable results. Your specialist provides a list of instructions to maintain the results. You can follow the precautions and embrace a healthy and active lifestyle to sustain your ideal breast size over the years. 

Myth #4- You cannot have a repeat procedure

Another misconception you should stop believing is that a repeat procedure is not possible after a breast reduction surgery. You may qualify for another one if you experience body changes due to weight gain, pregnancy, aging, or hormonal issues. An expert plastic surgeon can evaluate you and give the best recommendations. So you can achieve your dream shape and size with a repeat procedure.

Myth #5- You should be happy with large breasts

Women often obsess over breast size, and going small may sound contradictory. But choosing to undergo a reduction procedure is a personal choice. You may wish to do it for medical reasons because heavy breasts may cause severe back pain and shoulder pain. A large size may also disrupt activities like exercise. You may feel conscious about dressing a certain way due to your large breasts. You must go ahead without second thoughts, whether for medical or aesthetic reasons. 

Breast reduction is a safe and effective procedure for women struggling with extra large breast sizes. You must opt for it to achieve a perfect shape and size that make you look good and feel comfortable in your skin.

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