Celebrate Chocolate Week Guilt Free With Low Fat yoomoo Frozen Yogurt

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For a unique and udderly scrumptious take on National Chocolate Week, (8th – 14th October) why not try yoomoo frozen yogurt’s at home range. Grab yourself a wicked pot of devilmoo or an outrageously tempting tub of chocmoo, sit back and seriously indulge. What’s more, you can gorge guilt-free as the at home range is low in fat with half the calorie content of ice cream!

Devilmoo is perfect for those true chocolatiers, with delectable chocolate sauce laced through natural frozen yogurt, tasty brownie pieces and topped with chocolate stars. Alternatively try our chocmoo with a slab of moist chocolate brownie and a dollop of rich clotted cream.

Yoomoo have come up with this simple and scrumptious recipe for chocmoo fro-yo bombs to try at home. Now you can whip, blend and bake up a storm this Chocolate Week!


Chocmoo Fro-Yo Bombs

What Yoo’ll Need:

  500ml/1lb chocmoo

300g/10.5 oz chocolate (70% cocoa)


  1. Use a melon baller to form the fro-yo into small balls and place on a metal baking tray.
  2. Transfer to the freezer and leave overnight. The fro-yo balls should be very hard.
  3. Melt the chocolate in a glass bowl placed over a saucepan of gently boiling water.
  4. When melted, remove from the heat and allow to cool for approximately 10 minutes. The chocolate should be cool to the touch, but not set.
  5. Dip the fro-yo balls one-by-one into the chocolate and place them back on the tray.
  6. When all the balls are coated, return them to the freezer for a further two hours. Remove and serve immoodiately!

yoomoo frozen yogurt is now available in supermarkets nationwide from just £1.79. Grab yourself a pot and get celebrating this chocolate week!

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