Celebrate Mother’s Day with an Amorino gelato and Flowerbx gift.

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Mother’s Day is an opportunity for families to recognise and show love for the mothers and grandmothers in their lives.

And this year, Amorino invites customers to celebrate Mother’s Day through the love of their luxury, authentic Italian gelato. In collaboration with Flowerbx, celebrations continue when over the weekend days of March 18th & 19th, the first 50 customers in each of their 20 stores across the UK spending £15 and over will be gifted with a 15% discount code to redeem against a beautiful Flowerbx bouquet.*

Additionally when visiting London’s Garrick Street, Covent Garden store, all who buy a signature classic and up cone or cup from this store, will be gifted with a Flowerbx rose. 500 roses are available on each day of March 18th & 19th.

*terms & conditions apply.

Flowerbx History

Flowerbx flowers are the perfect gift to show appreciation for family and friends. Launched in 2014, Flowerbx’s focuses on sustainability and sourcing flowers in an ecological way. Whitney Hawkings, cofounder and CEO says, “We decompose all green waste and deliver on green vehicles. The flower food we use, which eats bacteria and disinfects the water to keep it clear, is also decomposable.”

The featured image shows 20 PINK ROSES MOTHER’S DAY BOUQUET £70.00

Amorino history

Childhood friends Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi are behind the brand, known worldwide for rose-shaped ice creams, constantly evolving to its customers’ desires and needs. Eagerly introducing their version of gelato, their accolades include –


  • their first store in 2002 on Ile Saint-Louis, central Paris,
  • the first franchise store in 2006


  • the first international store in Barcelona in 2008, then in New York in 2011
  • the Vegan Society label in 2016
  • the “Artisanal Ice Creams of France” Quality Charter, awarded by the Confédération Nationale des Glaciers de France in 2016

Visitors will be able to combine as many flavours as they wish when purchasing a cone available in three sizes.

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