Crafting Ideas For Calm and Mindfulness From HobbyCraft

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During these challenging and unusual times good mental, physical and emotional awareness is essential to stave off anxieties that may be accompanying disruptions to your usual daytime environment. For example, you may have found yourself working at home in isolation or furloughed – a big change from interacting with colleagues in an office environment. You may also be ‘estranged’ from relatives and friends due to ongoing social distancing rules.

So you’ll be pleased to know activities such as crafting can aid mindfulness, particularly useful for those spending time isolated and indoors. Better still is that many of the items required to make a start are already in your cupboard at home, or easily acquired from local shops.

Hobbycraft, the UK’s largest arts and craft retailer has been inspiring the nation for more than a generation with a huge range of step-by-step guides, crafting materials and ideas for relaxation, whether you’re a beginner or expert.


Knitting and crocheting is a fun and creative way to spend time with yourself. As the process is very rhythmic and repetitive it also calms the mind and is highly recommended for people experiencing physical and mental health problems. See


This highly enjoyable craft allows you to make everything from wreaths to gorgeous bouquets that can translate into gifts for friends or interesting decorative pieces around your home. See


Origami is the skilled art of folding paper to make interesting items that can include home pieces like flower vases and decorations for the mantelpiece.

Hobbycraft’s ‘Get Started In…’ series includes 17 step-by-step guides for beginners and video tutorials answering questions on techniques on a variety of crafts including macramé, dressmaking, lettering, candle making and cake decorating. You’ll also find an overview listing the items needed for a successful project, the costs, a difficulty rating and images to guide you.

Mindfulness really allows you to divert attention away from the world around you, to focus on your mental, physical and emotional awareness and to centre yourself. Independent research in 2018 by The Crafts Council confirms this and combined with crafting wellbeing is boosted so reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression and loneliness.

*The featured image shows the craft of diamond painting.

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