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This week in the second and final of our articles featuring the post Ultra Sports Clinic, we’re focusing on physiotherapy.

Meet your expert

Ashleigh Wienand, physiotherapist to the stars, has over 15 years of world-class experience under her belt.Building an enviable reputation has led her to work and treat sporting teams and individuals, like the GB Diving team at the Commonwealth Games through to the South African Davis & Federation Cup tennis teams. Other notables include Hollywood stars and music legends, including the Grammy award-winning band, Muse.

Ashleigh Weinand

The perils of not mixing it up

Much of Ashleigh’s work involves treating repetitive strain injury. She says: “As with anything,repeating the same movement pattern day in, day out is going to cause problems,whichever industry you work in. Regular physiotherapy or sports massage will maintain optimum movement patterns and hopefully avoid a more serious injury.”

Ashleigh always had the vision to open an inclusive treatment facility where every kind of injury specialist is available under one roof and importantly, accessible to all. She realised that dream with the Ultra Sports Clinic in London.

Once you ache, don’t delay

Her favourite type of client (aside from working with incredibly talented superstars) is the one who wants to get better, who listens to advice and does what they need to do at home and in the clinic to build a better body. “It’s why we work with each individual and their symptoms. Not every body is the same and not every injury produces the same affect. The quicker you see us the easier it will be to get you back on track, whether that’s getting ready for your next ironman challenge or getting back to being a full time wife, mother and employee.”

Clinic focus

The Ultra Sports Clinic in the heart of London’s city is a specialist practice that helps individuals suffering from joint pain, sports injuries, chronic medical and cardiac conditions, and post-operative rehabilitation. Visit for more information.

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