Ultra Sports Clinic Promotes Unique Approach To Sports Injury Treatment

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Do you or someone you know have a sports-related injury or problem? Biokinetics is a sports therapy practice hailing from South Africa, where indigenous rugby teams have benefitted from its unique approach. Now this new trend is sweeping the UK, courtesy of the prestigious Ultra Sports Clinic in London – see below:

Kate Hayes at work

Meet practitioner, Kate Hayes
One of the few biokineticists in London, Kate has treated superstar patients, rugby teams and various triathlon winners, so it is safe to say that her clients are always in good hands.
Kate aids her patients in exercise rehabilitation for injuries, sports-specific injuries and pre and post-operative rehabilitation. By focusing on ensuring the individual’s posture and muscle firing is correct, she brings patients back to full functionality and a pain-free life.

Physiotherapy or biokinetics? What’s the difference?
Says Kate, “A biokineticist prescribes exercises that deal with why the individual has pain and so aims to return the body back to its previous, pain-free function. We rehabilitate the injury, using exercise to balance muscle strengths and weaknesses.”
In other words, by looking at movement patterns, muscles activations and biomechanics to solve the pain or limitations an individual may be experiencing, Kate offers a unique service in exercise rehabilitation.

Clinic facts
The Ultra Sports Clinic is located in the heart of London’s city and is a specialist practice that helps individuals suffering from joint pain, sports injuries, chronic medical and cardiac conditions, and post-operative rehabilitation. Kate and the team are currently accepting new clients via appointments between 7:30am and 8pm Monday to Friday. So if you are a sports fanatic wanting to experience the latest exclusive trend in rehabilitation for your health and fitness wellbeing, don’t miss out. Visit Ultra Sports Clinic for more information.

Next week, we’ll meet Ultra Sports Clinic practitioner Ashleigh Wienand who uses the physiotherapy modality.

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