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“How a V Squat Machine Can Help You Engage in Outdoor Adventures”

Fitness is the absolutely key to living a healthy and adventurous lifestyle, especially for people who aim to live a life full of adventure. Whether you plan on going hiking, for a run in the park or a long walk in peaceful surroundings, it’s important that you look after your fitness. Improving your fitness levels through exercise and healthy eating will mean that you can get more out of your adventure, allowing you to last longer and overcome challenging conditions, all while avoiding injury.

PowerGym Fitness is a worldwide supplier of fitness equipment perfect for commercial use at professional gyms and personal use at a home workout environment. One of PowerGym’s most popular and strongest products in the strength category is the V Squat Machine.

In this article, PowerGym will talk us through what the V Squat is, the product’s key benefits, and how it can help you go on an outdoor adventure.

What is the V Squat Machine?

When it comes to developing explosive lower body power, fitness experts are largely in agreement that the squat is one of the best exercises. Squats are proven to help build a range of muscles, burn calories fast, improve flexibility and balance, and help prevent injuries. They can also improve your posture and allow you to gain more speed and power when running or jumping. As well as these benefits, squats are relatively simple and quick to perform, making it one of the most accessible forms of exercises. There are many types of squat exercises that you can perform, one of which is called the V Squat.

The V Squat is a more advanced workout compared to regular squats and it is best performed with a commercial V Squat Machine. V Squat exercises are best used by people who may experience lower back or knee issues. If you have issues such as this, you may find it difficult to perform a squat or experience pain and discomfort when doing so. The V Squat, however, is able to replicate the natural squatting motion while reducing the amount of stress that is placed on the back and knees. You will therefore be able to reap the benefits and effectiveness of this type of exercise without injuring yourself or experiencing pain. 

The V Squat machines are designed with safety features in mind to ensure your legs feel the workout as opposed to your back or knees. Most machines also provide support functions which prevent you from bending over and injuring yourself while working out. The V Squat will primarily work the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, and the affected muscles will depend on where the feet are placed on the platform.

How Can the V Squat Train Me for the Outdoors?

As we’ve already mentioned, the V Squat is an exercise that focusses on building explosive lower body power in your legs. When it comes to going on an outdoor adventure, such as a long hike or a running session, your legs are key to not only the completion of this task but also your enjoyment. It’s important to prepare your body as much as possible for what lies ahead, and this is where exercise comes in. Adventures such as hiking, running, and walking utilise your leg muscles quite vigorously. Strengthening the muscles and building power will allow you to perform the task faster and for longer and increase your capability of handling difficult terrain. This can all be achieving without experience tiredness or sustaining an injury.

If you experience pain or any other type of issue with your knees or back, you may be discouraged from improving your fitness. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you truly enjoy going on adventures, then the V Squat Machine is a perfect solution for keeping your hobby alive. Back and knee issues, depending on the type of issue, should not prevent you from going on a walk, run or hike. As the V Squat places less stress on the back and knees, you will still be able to train yourself for an upcoming adventure, making sure that your legs are fully prepared to handle anything.

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