Celebrating Girly Get-togethers with Café Collection

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Don’t you love getting together with your girlfriends for a chat, laugh and gossip? Do you wish you could bottle the energy and buzz you feel when you and your friends first get together? Wish you could make the fun times last longer? Now you can with the deliciously tasty wine from the new FirstCape Café Collection lighter style range.

At just 60 calories per glass, the crisp white, fresh red and fruity rosé wines are packed full of flavour making for a fantastic tasting, refreshing drink. With less than half the average alcohol content of a standard wine (Café Collection is 5.5% ABV, average standard wine is 13%) the FirstCape Café Collection range is perfect for a laughter filled al fresco lunch or even a gossipy girlie night in.

These refreshing, lighter style wines are ideal for women with a busy lifestyle who want to have a glass of wine with friends without worrying about the dreaded “morning after feeling”. With Café Collection, you can enjoy great wine, great conversation and your great friends and still be bright and breezy for work or a day with the kids.

Pick up a bottle of Café Collection wine from all major retailers from only RRP £3.99 and start your summer the brighter way.

For more information on FirstCape Café Collection visit www.firstcape.com

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