Clear Your Head By Getting Outside

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The sound of your phone alerting you of every incoming message and email can be a bit overwhelming. It is a constant stimulus that we depend on everyday as a means of communication. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 85 percent of American adults have a cell phone that keeps them tied to the outside world. Whether you are cognizant of it or not, being tied to your technological devices can wear you down and exhaust you. This is why it is important to spend some time out in nature.

Study the Outdoors

Take a deep breath in and revel in the fresh air. Inhale the deep connection that you can’t download in an app that will give you the same benefits of spending time in nature. The study that attempts to understand the connection that humans have with the natural world is referred to as ecopsychology. It is a field that has recently emerged as a result of society being more tightly tied to their phones and technology than the breeze in the trees and the honeybees. Connecting with nature is important because it can instill stability and balance in oneself. This winter, get outside with your loved ones and reconnect with the great outdoors.

Creating Holiday Traditions

Choosing the family Christmas tree is a wholesome tradition that enables everyone to get outside and move. Hiking through the snow is great exercise, as is the act of cutting down the tree itself. If your family is interested in hunting, going out together to harvest your holiday meal is another great family tradition. If you have a family member that is reluctant to get outside, try to make it as relaxing and appealing as possible for them. They will thank you when the day is through. Make sure that everyone is warm and comfortable by taking advantage of sales offered by outdoor retailers, such as Cabela’s Bargain Cave.

Winter Break Recreation

Leave your phones at home as you head out the door to explore the world around you. If you have ever thought about trying ice skating at the rink that your town puts up every year, why not start now? Rent a pair of skates at your local shop to begin enjoying sliding around in the cool air. If you are wanting to make your time spent unplugged from your devices even more unique and exciting, consider going skiing or snowshoeing in the backcountry. Your brain will get a chance to take a break from the unforgiving stimulation of technology while you take in the scenery and fresh mountain air. Many studies have shown that our addiction to our phones and social media sites are leaving us a more stressed, anxious and tightly-wound species as a whole. By reconnecting with the natural world through recreation and intentional practices, we allow more space in our lives for happiness. Ecopsychology’s main point of focus is the positive effects that the outdoors can have on our psyche and how it can help to balance out our otherwise busy, technology-filled lives. Let yourself thrive by getting outside!

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