Colours to Look Great in for Winter 2015

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Winter clothing is in many ways, a lot of women’s favourite. You have the glitz and glamour of holiday season party dresses, the cozy, snuggly feel of knits and winter outerwear, and of course, you have to show off a lot less skin to be comfortable than in summer which can make it easier to hide any flaws!

As with any other season, winter 2015 comes with its own set of on trend colours, which can be worn in isolation or together to create a whole range of great looks. The Pantone Colour institute releases a ten Colour palette every season, and for the fall to winter 2015 period the theme of the colour toolbox is ‘An Evolving Colour Landscape‘ – these are colours inspired by nature, but not in the obvious sense of earthy tones and forest greens, but with colours representing everything from gemstones to stormy skies. Here, we take a look at a few of the great colours in Pantone’s winter 2015 selection and talk about how to wear them for women’s clothing.

Marsala – A Rich, Warm Red Perfect for the Holidays

One of the biggest colour trends, not just for winter, but for all of 2015, has been marsala. This was named Pantone’s Colour of the year and appeared in the spring and summer palette as well as in the winter one, though it has very different effects when combined with the moody, interesting shades of the Evolving Colour Landscape Colours than it did with spring’s ‘En Plein Air’ palette.


A rich, robust wine red, marsala is a great colour for luxurious, decadent fabrics, and can be a lovely choice for festive party attire in materials like velvet or lace. It is a sophisticated, grown up looking way to wear red that flatters the majority of skin tones and doesn’t look brash. As well as considering this colour for your party wear over Christmas, it can also be very nice for plush knitwear in rich textiles like cashmere, chenille or mohair. Of course, if you are wearing neutrals, it is also an ideal colour to add as an accent with bags, shoes or make up.

Biscay Bay – A Luxurious, Eye Catching Blue


Another beautiful shade from the Pantone palette for the fall and winter 2015 season is named Biscay Bay, and is a deep sea blue. This is a rich colour that has a jewel like quality and looks great in a variety of fabrics, including those with a slight sheen. For a great party look, consider taffeta or silk in this sophisticated blue, or for daytime, consider chunky knits in Biscay Bay or leather accessories. It is also a lovely colour to incorporate into your jewelry, or even your eye make up for a stand out evening style.

Cadmium Orange – A Bold, Bright Accent


When you see the colour picks for fall and winter, you may have been expecting rich, festive reds, jewel colours and shades evocative of seas and stormy skies. You probably, however, were not expecting a light, bright, pinky orange like Pantone’s Cadmium Orange shade, though you have to agree it somehow really fits the season when used with some of the other shades or even just paired with black. This colour is great if you love to look bold and cheerful even in the darkest parts of winter, and works well with other shades from the palette like amethyst to create some beautiful prints. Where this shade works best, however, is used as an accent, offering a pop of bright colour that can give any plainer outfit in neutrals a real high end look. It is also ideal as a makeup accent, for example worn on nails or as a sheer lip Colour.

Oak Buff – A Versatile, Classy Neutral

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Whether you are more into earthy colours or grays for your neutrals there is something to suit in the 2015 fall and winter colour palette, but this gentle, classic buff shade is well worth a look to add some elegance to knitwear or outerwear. A shade that suits most people, it can look fresh and tasteful for a wool coat, and also look good next to the face as a scarf or hat. Flexible enough to go with anything, the only real danger with this colour is on some skin tones it can give that accidental ‘naked’ look at a distance when worn head to toe or in especially form fitting styles.

These are just four of the ten beautiful colours Pantone are recommending for winter 2015, so add them to your wardrobe and have a stylish end to the year!

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