Could You Write The Next Big Romance?

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Are you a creative type who also loves writing? If so, might you consider penning a romantic novel?

This year the City Lit in London ran a summer writing school that included an Introduction To Romance Writing weekend class. Run by novelist *Lizzie Enfield, prospective romance writers learned the basic tools and exercises for writing in this popular genre. Lizzie’s method combined tuition, class discussions and feedback, and written exercises, including a walkabout in nearby Covent Garden to inspire idea development by studying the local setting and people.

All novels have a main premise or message. Story building comes from adding scenes and pivotal points to the premise, which must include obstacles preventing the hero and heroine from being together. All scenes must be linked to a satisfying end, crucial for a romance. Throw in your main characters’ secrets, likes, dislikes, flaws and foibles and you have storybook people that ordinary readers can relate to in another world that has opened in front of their eyes. Popular classical and contemporary writers include Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks and Stefanie Meyer.
Current creative writing courses for all abilities can be found here.

*Lizzie Enfield’s latest novel ‘Living With It’ is now out in paperback.

*The Romantic Novelists’ Association also gives further advice on writing in this genre.

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