Counting Down the Days Until Christmas? Use An Advent Calendar!

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Around the globe, Christmas marks as a religious holiday. It’s celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. The word Christmas originates from the old English term Cristes Maesse, which translates into Christ’s Mass. Church officials started celebrating Christmas in the 4th century. While evidence suggests that Jesus Christ’s birth took place in the spring, Pope Julius decided on December 25th. During the Christmas days, people celebrate by attending get-togethers with family members or friends and exchanging presents. Presents given at Christmas symbolise the tributes made to baby Jesus by the three Wise Men. 

Counting down the days until Christmas is a cherished tradition that can be passed on from generation to generation. It’s something that your loved ones will never forget and hold dear to their hearts. If you want to check if Christmas is around the corner, use an Advent calendar 2022. There’s a wide range of advent calendars nowadays, so there’s something for everyone! If you haven’t already purchased an Advent calendar so far, do it now! The most demanded calendars have pre-order sign-ups or waiting lists, so there’s no time to waste. 

Discover The History Behind the Advent Calendar 

In Latin, the word adventus means arrival or coming. The German Lutherans came up with the idea of marking off the days until Christmas in the 19th century. At first, they would do this by burning candles or simply marking off the days on a wall using chalk. The inventor of the Advent calendar is believed to be Gerhard Lang. When he was a little boy, his mother made him a calendar with 24 tiny candles attached to cardboard.

Gerhard Lang is primarily viewed as the creator of the modern calendar. He revived his mother’s idea when he grew up and started manufacturing Advent calendars. Lang’s innovation was to add small doors to the calendar. His business was forced to close following the outbreak of the war, as cardboard became scarce. Also, the Nazis placed a ban on printing calendars with pictures. Although Lang’s business came to an end, advent calendars became a widespread phenomenon. 

How Does An Advent Calendar Work? 

Advent is basically the four-week period leading up to Christmas. In 2022, advent begins on November 27th and ends on December 24th regardless of the type of calendar. Traditionally you’ll open a window on the calendar with a little present in it every day. You can spoil yourself or a loved one this holiday season, advent calendars are filled with everything from chocolate to toys. They can also be filled with products to help relax or unwind, such as mini candles, body oil, and hand balm. 

Are Luxury Advent Calendars Worth the Splurge? 

A luxury Christmas Advent calendar builds up excitement for the holiday season. Nothing can compare to the thrill of discovering a new present each day behind a numbered door or pocket. Brand favourites like RITUALS add value to their calendars. If you were to purchase each individual item separately, you would have to dig deep into your pockets. It’s a good idea to move quickly to snatch a deal. Some calendars are already wrapped, so they make great gifts.  Advent calendars also double as a home decor piece, with some you can even build your own village!

Advent calendars aimed at adults with premium offers are in high demand. Keep in mind that everyone celebrates the holidays in differently. You can go all out, or be more subtle, the decision is up to you. There are multiple Advent calendars for different types of consumers. Don’t get tricked and make sure you get your money’s worth. 

Advent Calendars All Sold Out? Make One Yourself 

As Advent Calendars are high in demand, chances are they are sold out in a flash. But, no worries! With a little determination and some creative thinking, you can make your own Advent calendar. You’ll be surprised by the results. For example, you can make an Advent calendar out of used coffee tins. Wrap them in paper, add numbers, stuff them with goodies, and you’re all set. 

Personalised Advent calendars aren’t as expensive as they look. Most importantly, they’re an excellent craft to do together with children. You can take small boxes and twine through the lids with the help of a needle and thread. A homemade calendar can be reused each Christmas, saving time and money for years to come. The calendar will be tailored to the user’s interests and include cards for other holidays. 

All in all, an Advent calendar helps you prioritise time and celebrate festive family traditions with those you treasure the most. Regardless of how you count down the days until Christmas, make this December feel special by using an Advent calendar and capture the magic of the holidays.

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