Decorating your living room for Autumn

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Though it is not often that you would decorate a room just because we happen to be entering a new season, autumn as we all know, can be one of the most beautiful times of the year.

Featuring more colours than you can throw a paintbrush at, autumn is a time for cool sunny evenings, brightly covered leaves and of course, pumpkins.

But why should you style your room around a season?

Although basing your décor on a season such as winter may be particularly risky (who likes Christmas decorations in July?), autumn really is a season of comfort and colour, meaning that by paying homage to it, the brightly coloured décor will suit any and all seasons.

So what should an autumn styled home feature?

Well, this is really up for debate, but here are a few great rustic and traditional ideas to throw into an autumn living room:


Bright wallpapers

Like the leaves themselves, bright wallpapers, whether orange, dark yellow or red offer people a warm, happy and comforted feeling; important for when those dark, early nights begin looming.

What’s more interesting however, is the fact that warmer and brighter colours fool the brain into thinking that the room is actually warmer than it is. So if you plan on saving a few pennies on the heating bill this winter, this simple mind trick could help you do it.


Thick, enveloping settees

As already mentioned, comfort is just one thing that you can afford in autumn, and if you want a traditional sofa where you can lie back and relax, there really is nothing more suited to this than a Chesterfield Sofa.

With so much choice from online stores, HelloSofa’s Chesterfield range is but one place where you can find a variety of traditional and beautiful British Sofas.


Wooden Furniture

As trees are a prominent feature during autumn, there’s no reason why you can’t take the beauty of them into your home.

With oak being one of the most natural, and of course traditional materials to find in British homes, there is great reason to enjoy the splendour of solid oak furniture in your living room.

Whether you want the simplicity of an oak coffee table, or the grandeur of a solid bookcase, nothing says ‘welcome’ more than a living room full of beautiful oak furniture.



We all like an excuse to accessorise during the autumn periods as scarves, gloves and woolly hats all come tumbling out of the wardrobe, so this gives you the perfect excuse to buy the thick rug that you’ve always wanted, alongside the hoard of pillows that every sofa should have.

Either way, make sure that your accessories blend perfectly with the room that you’ve created.

After all, there’s nothing worse than a cloudy evening after a cool autumn afternoon.

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