Denim Jeggings

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Do you like denim pants but you don’t always find them comfortable? If so, you should try a pair of jeggings, a denim-looking item with a comfortable fit and a line that also makes us look thinner and fitter. Have you ever heard of them? Here’s all you need to know about the trend of jeggings, what they are, how to wear them and where to buy the best ones!

  • Denim Jeggings: Why they became our Friends

You may already have several in your closet without knowing what they are, but, in any case, you’ve probably heard of the trends in jeggings, an item that fits like a pair of leggings, but is actually made and looking like denim. It can be a key piece of your wardrobe in any season, occasion or time of year: it is comfortable, versatile and suits everyone.

The denim jeggings in our wardrobe have already replaced the classic denim jeans for some seasons and the reason is very simple: they have a more comfortable and softer fit and also have that much desired push up effect that makes us look thinner and that enhances our curves. In addition, the jeggings have a high waist, which also allows us to camouflage a possible belly. In short, it is the perfect garment to be comfortable but also look feminine and sexy!

  • How to Wear Denim Jeggings

Unlike many jeans, which are difficult to wear, the Denim Jeggings slip on without any particular effort. In addition, they give a fabulous look and adapt perfectly to any type of style, even the most sophisticated. They can be used to go to work, to go out in the evening, for leisure time with friends, etc. After all, those that we know with the name of leggings are often not able to enhance the figure and, in many cases, they even make it worse. The Denim Jeggings, on the other hand, are specially designed to enhance any type of silhouette. In fact, they streamline and shape the critical points, making the legs and buttocks appear more toned and slenderer.

If you combine denim jeggings with sneakers you will get a more casual and sportier outfit, but instead if you aim at a more sophisticated and elegant look, match them with high shoes or ballerinas. The trick of course all lies in the combination that you choose!

What to wear on top? Crop top, that kind of t-shirt that leaves your belly uncovered, and sneakers prove to be the winning choice for leisure looks. With soft blouses and cardigans, they are perfect for more sober outfits and an everyday look, especially when worn with low-cut shoes. Do you want to dare? Daring to combine with special lace tops, high-heeled shoes or amphibians: a real must have!

Where to buy Denim Jeggings?

We have to say one thing: not all kinds of denim jeggings are the same. We are not talking about the colour, the texture or its shape. Yeah, that as well of course, but we are warning you that low quality denim jeggings may have an opposite result as the one we just explained to you. Like everything, quality needs to be an important factor that guides you in the moment of choosing a pair. Butt, the good news is that we have the jeggings that is made for you and won’t disappoint you. On the contrary: you will feel them as a second skin and look like a bomb!

Check out Freddy’s denim jeggings, the pioneer of this lifesaver item. They are an Italian brand (Italian is often meaning of high quality, and in this case, trust us, it is!) that patented the WR.UP technology, a technology that combines quality and type of material with special sewing and reinforced areas to give you the extreme look.

And now, what are you looking for? Go ahead and check them out!

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