Are You Bringing Bow Ties Back? How To Rock One

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Bow ties say class like not many other men’s accessories are capable of doing.

Except for when they don’t.

You see, not every situation calls for a bow tie and they don’t work with every type of fashion statement you may be trying to make.

In short, you need a style guide to help you decide how, when and where to don your unique bit of couture.

In this article, we will answer some questions and give you some ideas to ponder while you learn how to toe one.

Are bow ties still in fashion?

The real question is: did they ever go out of style? 

It’s only recently that men have started wearing bow ties that didn’t used to think they were an option. In other words, it may have still been in style but only with certain upper-crust types that would look down at the bow tieless heathens.

It’s a great time to be looking into sporting a bow tie as it is being spotted across many different demographics and social classes. If you’re considering picking one up a unique men’s accessory then you should.

Just keep these tips in mind. 

Don’t try to make it perfect

Neophytes usually get frustrated when learning to tie a bow tie because they try unsuccessfully to make it as symmetrical as possible.

The perfect bow tie is supposed to be asymmetrical. It should look slightly disheveled and imperfect to actually be the perfectly ties bow tie.

When to wear one

There is no wrong time to wear a bow tie, but the color and material will vary according to the event.

If you are looking at getting the perfect white bow tie, then don’t wear one to a funeral for instance.  

The color should be appropriate for what you are wearing it and the type of gathering you will be showing it off to. 

What to wear it with

Thanks to some changes in men’s fashion ideas, you can wear a bow tie with just about anything. Again with a mind toward the material of the tie along with the color and the occasion. 

For a casual event, you can go with seersucker with a light linen suit, as well as cotton. Skip the silk if you are looking to put out a casual vibe at a beach themed party.

The opposite can also be true. If you are at a formal engagement then you may want to be careful with your colors and material even though you can get away with certain materials that are not silk or satin.

Choose your shape

There are three kinds of bow ties to be aware of.

  • The Butterfly – The most common bow tie shape
  • The Batwing aka the Slim – A casual shape that is on the smaller side
  • The Rounded Club – A playful yet rare example
  • The Diamond Tip –  The edges are pointed and it is asymmetrical for a unique look

All of these shapes will suit different personalities and looks. Try out some different ones so you can find the right shape that fits you perfectly.

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