Desperately Seeking Adventure

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Isn’t every woman desperately seeking a little bit of adventure at some point in her life? But what exactly is adventure? To Helen Stoker, founder of Desperately Seeking Adventure, it’s ‘feeling on top of the world but not necessarily being there, it’s feeling alive and free, it’s doing something new that fills me with a little apprehension and excitement and leaves me feeling fulfilled’.

Recently Helen has been questioning what adventure is to other women. Sian, website designer in North Wales idea of adventure is ‘finding out something new about myself…it’s a challenge but possibly only to me. I want to explore new things and get a new perspective on the ordinary. I want to come back enlightened, enthused and see new possibilities’.

Another woman’s description was ‘anything that involves sunshine, laughter and allows me to escape from it all’ whilst another female described the feeling as ‘a massive adrenaline rush and I feel completely free’.

One thing becomes apparent, adventure to women seems to be about trying something new and challenging which will enhance self-fulfilment and allows a complete feeling of freedom.

Desperately Seeking Adventure provides adventure travel specifically for women. From trekking in the Moroccan Atlas, walking in the Lake District to Walking, Yoga and Meditation breaks in Tuscany there’s something for everyone.

Helen set up the company in 2011 to give women the opportunity to try new adventures within the support of a group of women. Helen says ‘doing something new or challenging can often be nerve racking, but we still want to do it because the rewards can be enormous. Through taking part in an adventure with a group of like-minded women not only do you get the support within the group, but also meet new people with different stories to tell and life experiences to share, and a little bit of laughter on the way…

For more information, contact the team on 01244 683426 or have a look at their website:

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