DYE GREY! DYE! Two-thirds of UK women claim they wouldn’t be seen in public with grey hair

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Figure 1 Kelly Osborne – proud to be prematurely grey. Image used for illustrative purposes only. Copyright of Splash

Kelly Osborne may be proud to sport her silvery strands, but a survey conducted by home hair colour brand LIVE Salon Style[1] confirms that UK women don’t feel grey is that great. 67% of women aged between 26-60yrs, claiming they would never want to be seen with grey hair.

At 27yrs old, Kelly Osborne maybe considered a little young to be silver-haired, but according to the survey of 1000 UK women, this is exactly the age the average woman finds their first sprinkling of white.

The primary reason women rated grey hair so unattractive, was because they believe it to be the most significant sign of ageing. Second only to having a wrinkly face, grey hair was felt to be more ageing[2] than “turkey” necks, slack jowls, saggy boobs and wearing frumpy clothing.80% of women surveyed also agreed that colouring their hair gave them a definite confidence boost.


Throughout the nation women were united with their abhorrence of white hair, although there were some regional deviations. Brighton came out the most grey-friendly area in the UK with one-third of women adamant they would never dye their grey hair. Women from Northern Ireland, particularly from Belfast and from the North East and Liverpool dislike grey hair the most with over 90% claiming they would rather dye than go grey.



Commenting on the survey, LIVE Salon Style ambassador Louise Redknapp said “ I’ve always coloured my hair and love experimenting with colour. I think Kelly looks gorgeous and I really admire her for pushing boundaries, but I don’t think ‘grey’ would be a look I’ll be showcasing anytime soon. I think it can look great– Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada and Dame Judy Dench look distinguished, refined and incredibly classy; but I think the look has to be carefully maintained with a great haircut and it’s not something that would work for me at this time of my life”.

The Colour Confidence survey was conducted by Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style a range of professional quality, home hair colourants with long-lasting, perfect grey coverage. Louise Redknapp is the face of the range and together they have launched a free style advice service via Facebook (www.facebook.com/livesalonstyle). 


Schwarzkopf LIVE Salon Style is available nationwide from Superdrug, Morrisons, Tesco, Boots, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Saver, Bodycare, Wilkinsons and all leading pharmacies. RRP £5.99.

For more information on LIVE Salon Style, hair colouring advice or to try the Colour Booth application visit www.livesalonstyle.co.uk orfacebook.com/livesalonstyle.


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