Easy Ways to Plan the Most Amazing Bridal Shower

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Your best friend is about to be married and you want to plan the perfect bridal shower for her. You want to plan an event that she’ll always remember, but as you’ve never planned a shower before, you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry! With a few easy to follow suggestions, you can plan the perfect bridal shower, and it isn’t going to be quite as difficult as you had imagined. Check out the following tips to get you started.

Advice for Setting the Date

Here is something which might have you stumped at first. How can you possibly set a date when you don’t know how to find a time that will meet everyone’s busy schedule? The best advice you can be given here is to draw up your guest list first and then have a brief word with each as to which days of the week would work best for them. According to weddingwire.com, a bridal shower is planned about two months prior to the happy day. Also, a Sunday afternoon or evening may work best if most guests work a conventional weekday schedule.

Set a Location

While you will probably find that the majority of people you intend to invite live locally, there will be a few who need to travel from greater distances. This is often the case when sisters, mums and other family members live in scattered locations. The best advice you can be given here is to plan a location that is as centrally located as possible with the greatest attention being given to the bride and bridal party. 

A Word on Food and Beverages

Once you have chosen where you will host your bridal shower, it’s time to start planning what you will serve. Of course, a cake is a must, but if you want to offer a ‘light’ meal, why not order delivery from a restaurant so that you won’t be spending your time in the kitchen instead of hosting the shower? For example, a shower held in London or Oxford could easily do with a delivery of delightful dishes from one of Neds Noodle Bar locations in the area. Who doesn’t love rice and noodles? A catered affair would be a bit costly, but a delivery of entrées would be quick and easy for everyone involved and equally as pleasing.

Putting It All Together

Finally, when sending invitations, you might want to add a bit of information on where the bride-to-be has set up a bridal registry. While you will obviously include the usual time and location on your invitations, you may also want to direct guests to the one place where they can find out exactly what the bride needs and/or wants for a gift. Have the bride-to-be form a wish list on a gift site registry such as those found here. A shower, after all, is meant to be a place where gifts are brought to congratulate the lady of the hour, so why not include the place to find ideas for gifts? Now your job is done so you can sit back and enjoy the fun. What a day it will be!

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