Eco-Tools Complexion Collection

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We love the new Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush and the Mattifying Finish brush!  The gorgeous turquoise metal fittings with leaf stencilling make these products look pretty high end, despite their £8-£10 price mark per brush.  They are also made with cruelty free synthetic bristles, sustainable bamboo handles & recycled aluminum ferrules.

The Skin Perfecting Brush is deisgned to be used for BB/CC type creams that are thicker and heavier than liquid foundations.  It is designed to avoid oil transfer from hands to skin thus minimising the risk of shiny skin.  It’s £7.99

The bigger Mattifying Finish Brush is £8.99 and with its duo fibre design, creates a more flawless finish.  Here’s the science bit.  The short bristles pick up the perfect amount of product, while the long bristles disperse product evenly and smoothly for complete control and buildable coverage. Use the brush on its own for a fresh, matte look or use it to finish a full makeup look that stays shine-free all day

You can get the full Complexion Collection for £19.99 in Boots (and there’s a get your second purchase half price)

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