5 Effective Solutions For Letting More Natural Lighting Into Your Home

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One of the most dominant features of a house is its ambience. Subsequently, natural lighting has turned into a critical detail in the housing and property industry. In addition to increasing your home’s value, a naturally lit house has an aesthetic and inviting vibe; an attribute most homeowners seek.

If you have to turn on your interior lights during the day, then you should think about different ways of letting more natural light into your home. It will not only help you save on electricity costs but it will help brighten up your space and make it feel less gloomy. 

Even if you can’t get outside, there are still many health benefits that come with daily natural light exposure even when at home. Soaking up Vitamin D from the comfort of your living room is precisely what you need for a healthy and calming environment.

There are of course some simple hacks to enhance the natural lighting in your home:

  • Wash the windows – Your windows might often be neglected and get very dirty over time. Giving them a regular clean ensures maximum sunlight streaks in through the glass and into your living space.
  • Lighter window draperies – Opt for simple, light curtains and window treatments that you can easily pull back and let the sunshine in instead of thick drapes and blinds that might limit sunlight.
  • Trim shrubs outside – Enhance your curb appeal and trim off any greeneries that might be obstructing the path of natural sunlight into your windows.

The above tricks, however, are only temporary solutions. For a permanent fix of letting natural light into your home, you may need to consider a few home renovations instead.

  • Install larger windows in your home

Windows, windows, and more windows. Sometimes the larger the better in many cases. By installing bigger windows (or more windows) in your home, you will be able to maximise natural illumination as well as create the perfect view of the outdoors too. Using light blinds or curtains, or using none at all, can help to flood your space with sunlight during the day.

  • Open up living spaces with folding doors

Also known as bi-folds, folding doors are an optimal way of adding a whole load of more natural light to your home. Whether the folding doors are part of the kitchen, dining room, or living room, these doors are often the perfect way to blend together the outdoors and the indoors in a seamless way. In your quest to draw natural light into your home, Blackthorn Timber Windows are a great business that provide custom-made timber bifold doors as well as durable french timber doors, timber patio doors, and more.

  • Use a lighter colour palette in your home

Bright colours are able to reflect light well while dull colours tend to absorb. This is crucial to note when selecting the right colour palette for your walls. Brighter wall colours like white or light grey will effectively mirror natural light throughout the room. If you’re wanting to add a little bit more colour, you could use a shade of yellow or peach for an airy ambience. It could also be worth considering painting a lighter colour on ceilings to create a taller, larger, and brighter illusion.

  • Consider modernising your space and investing in skylights

Modern skylights are the ultimate light magnets for any home. These eco-friendly home improvements let in some sunlight and if you’re lucky, some moonlight too at night. Just like with folding doors, skylights are a stylish way to modernise your home and add more natural light to a living space. Rather than installing more artificial lighting around a home, skylights can help save electricity and brighten up dull spaces. 

  • Incorporate more reflective surfaces in your space

To help bounce light around different areas of the home, reflective surfaces can help reflect light and make an indoor space much brighter. Glass tiles are ideal for a reflective backsplash in the kitchen and installing large mirrors can help make a room seem much bigger than it actually is. There are a few creative ways to make your home bigger and brighter by using mirrors to improve indoor lighting and create the illusion of space.

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