Finally healthy fruit infused waters without added sugars!

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It’s incredibly surprising how many “health drinks” are actually loaded with sugar, fructose syrup and other unnecessary ingredients!  I spotted some Aloe Vera Juice in a supermarket recently – claiming to be the pinnacle of healthy drinks yet number 2 ingredient was fructose (highly damaging on the body and its cells! )  High fructose levels can lead to insulin resistance – a precursor to full blown diabetes.

I had the pleasure of trying out the new healthy drinks from Ovio and must say was extremely impressed.  Firstly NO added sugar.  The flavours speak for themselves, the added sugar isn’t needed.  There are three gorgeous flavours all based on the organic olive leaf – I liked them all but particularly loved the Juniper and Cucumber (didn’t think I would!) and the Strawberry & Elderberry.

Flavours available;

Cool Cucumber & Juniper

Scrumptious Strawberry & Elderberry

Luscious Lemon & Mint

IMG_2481 IMG_2479

The drinks were refreshing at all times of the day – they were nourishing to the body at breakfast time, after a long woodland walk or just for a swig to rehydrate.

They aren’t super cheap but really good for you so worth the investment.

A case of 6 is £9.54 but they are also available to buy individually from Holland & Barrat

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