Four simple ways to smile a little more at home and work

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It’s always a good idea to smile, even when you don’t want to smile the most. Scientists reckon that smiling when you feel sad releases the same endorphins that produce happiness. That’s right, smiling could cure your sadness. 

This article provides you with four simple ways you can keep smiling at home and work, and get back to the person you want to be, one step at a time:

Get some exercise 

Just like smiling, getting plenty of exercise is a great way of feeling better about yourself throughout all areas of your life. Exercise not only has benefits in a physical sense, but it also provides mental benefits too. Those endorphins that are released during exercise radiate from you and produce the serotonin that makes you smile. So, if you’re feeling a bit glum around the house or during your working hours, get yourself out for a run, you never know how it could change your perspective on things. Changing your perspective on work may be a little more difficult, though.

Spend more time on yourself

Our fast-paced lives can sometimes mean we get carried away in other people’s initiatives and forget that we’re the only people we’ve got, asides from friends and family, of course. Another way of putting a smile on your face can be done by spending a little time on yourself when you most need it. It could be something as simple as doing a little bit of exercise to feel more body positive, getting a new haircut or buying yourself some new clothes. Confidence and self-worth is infectious and it will radiate from you and improve your home and work life, immediately. 

Teeth Bonding

We’ve already mentioned a few of the more holistic methods of putting a smile on your face at home or work, but what about smiling itself? How do you go about doing that? Teeth Bonding from Ten Dental is one teeth whitening treatment that really works, if you’re sensitive about the appearance of your teeth. 

Dentists apply a non-reactive composite resin to your teeth with the aim of repairing any chips, cracks, fractures, and discolouration. They say one of the keys to self-confidence is being able to own your smile, and this is certainly a way you can do so. 


Now that we’re back to the non-literal ways to make yourself smile, we’ve arrived at the only true holistic way to find yourself some inner peace. Meditation isn’t easy and it takes practice, but when you start to realise the benefits meditation can have on your life it’ll be difficult to look back. Meditation doesn’t have to be sitting crossed legged on a prayer mat, you can do it anywhere. On your way to work, while running, anywhere. Meditation is a great way of removing negative thoughts from your brain and finding positivity. Once you’ve discovered that inner peace you’ll struggle not keep a smile on your face whether that’s at home or work. 

Sometimes when you’re feeling a little down in the dumps it can be hard to keep a smile on your face. But no matter what you’re going through you should always remember that nothing’s permanent. So, whether it’s a little bit of teeth bonding or meditation, keep trying, keep moving, and keep that smile on your face all day long.

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