Get More Out of Lunch with the Try Rye Lunch Time Challenge

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Following your lunch do you find yourself unsatisfied, bloated, lacking in energy and more importantly still hungry? If the answer is a resounding yes, then you’re not alone.

A recent survey, conducted by The Village Bakery, creators of the ‘Try Rye Challenge’ – a two week healthy eating plan designed to showcase the benefits of replacing your normal loaf with rye bread, reveals that the nation is far from fulfilled by their current lunch time choices.

Almost half of those surveyed admitted they don’t feel full or satisfied after their lunch; in-fact, bad lunch options are leaving people feeling tired, sluggish, bloated and responsible for an increase in snacking and over eating later in the day, which many say results in weight gain.

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A further third of the 2,000 consumers surveyed said they felt so dissatisfied within just two hours of eating their lunch that they found themselves reaching for unhealthy snacks. Forty four per cent admitted they put on weight in the last year due to snacking, with men stating that they have put on an average of 5lbs 12oz and women, ever more shockingly, 6lbs 3oz, which is nearly half a stone – the equivalent of a whole dress size.

After the success of the ‘Try Rye Challenge’, of which 80%* of trialists surveyed said they felt less bloated, fuller for longer and more energetic for completing the challenge, The Village Bakery decided to delve even deeper into the eating habits of the nation and look specifically at the importance of being satisfied at lunch time and the health benefits attached to this.

In response to consumers who wanted to emulate the results and benefits of the ‘Try Rye Challenge’ but only wanted to focus on changing one meal rather than their entire lifestyle, The Village Bakery has developed the ‘The Try Rye Lunch Time Challenge’, a simple way to enjoy lunch and stay full and satisfied all day.  The 14 day plan could not be easier, simply replace your normal bread based lunch with a Village Bakery Rye bread lunch time recipe, specially created by nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer.

During the two weeks you will start to feel fuller for longer, less bloated, with more energy and less need to reach for the treats before dinner and hopefully converted to rye!

Dr. Sarah Brewer said: “The survey results have been a complete eye opener, it is surprising how many people don’t eat the right meal at lunch time, meaning they feel unsatisfied and in need of a treat not long after lunch. Due to its high protein and fibre content, eating rye bread helps to increase satiety – feelings of fullness – to suppress hunger and the desire to eat. Opting for one of the carefully designed recipe options accompanied by Rye Bread will help curb mid-afternoon cravings, so you eat less overall.

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Rye Bread also has a low glycemic index which helps to reduce swings in blood glucose levels. As Village Bakery rye bread is made without wheat, it can also reduce symptoms associated with wheat intolerance, such as wind, discomfort and bloating.  It’s such a simple change, and is also incredibly cost effective as well as making you feel great too!”

For ‘Try Rye Lunch Time Challenge’ lunch time recipe suggestions and further information regarding the health benefits log onto:

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