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Plump & Shine Lipgloss

New on the market, these glosses are ticking lots of boxes here at Simply Woman. In the past I’ve found plumping glosses to be very sticky and also quite nippy on the lips! My first experience with DuWops Lip Venom was to find half my hair stuck to my lips and the bee stung pout came from far too much minty/cinnamon. So I haven’t used since!

I was lucky enough to try two of the lovely shades from this range – Candy and Nude. Nude is a funny one as it’s actually got more colour than the Candy. It’s exactly the right shade of nude, you can tell there is colour on the lips but it’s not intrusive and works in harmony with the rest of your makeup.

Candy is a pretty light pink, quite pale but still flattering. I’d probably wear Candy if I wanted a really sheer barely there look and Nude with a really smokey eye to balance it all out. I like the applicator stick – a recent trend has been for brushes instead of sponge wands but I think the application is neater and more precise with a sponge wand.

There are shimmery bits in the gloss, a really sensible and flattering amount and the gloss itself is also flattering, not too mirror like, just enough to make lips look really sexy. You can feel the magic ingredient tingling away but it’s not offensive and definitely gives a  plump to the lips. I’m sure I woke up the next morning with a more obvious upper lip, if that’s the case then I’ll be using these regularly as it’s a bit cheaper than collagen!

On sale from;
8ml of product for £19.95
Shades – Candy, Nude, Seduce


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