Get the tan you deserve for the price you can afford!

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St Moriz Range

St.  Moriz – the natural looking, affordable fake tan – is taking the nation by storm. Its fast-tanning, streak-free formula is easy to use and dries in seconds so you can apply and go!

Available in mousse, souffle and mist, all of the tans arrive just in time for summer, allowing you to keep that all-over glow, no matter what the weather’s like. There’s also a face bronzer so you can top-up your tan on the go.


Give yourself a streak-free, easy to apply tan with St. Moriz’s original self-tanning mousse, priced at just RRP £4.99 each.  This one on Amazon comes with a tanning mitt for an extra pound!  And you will be supporting Simply-Woman at the same time

St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse 200ml & Tanning Mitt

St Moriz tanning mousse


Top up your tan with this instant self-tanning mist. Priced at just RRP £4.99,St. Moriz’s tanning mist is fast drying, reinvigorates your tan and won’t leaving you feeling sticky – so you can get dressed in seconds!

St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mist (150ml)

St Moriz Mist

Give yourself a glamorous glow with St. Moriz’s shimmering bronzing body souffle. The souffle looks good enough to eat and provides the perfect glow on the go, for just RRP £4.99

Self Tanning by St Moriz Shimmering Bronzing Body Souffle 125ml

St Moriz Glitz

St. Moriz’s range of affordable self-tanning products are available on the high street now, Bodycare, Semichem, Savers, Co-op, Boyes, Watts Bros, Gordon’s Chemist ( Ireland) and Independent Pharmacies and of course on Amazon!

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