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Getting luxurious, expensive looking hair.

Starts with – DIET!

Get your diet sorted and eat well so that your hair (and the rest of your body) benefits from the optimal amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.   If you choose to severly restrict calories or cut out an entire food group – your hair will suffer!  Minerals such as zinc are essential to your hair’s health but this is predominantly found in meat, eggs and seafood.  Vegetarians and “low fat” dieters will therefore miss out on this vital nutrient.  Eat balanced!!  The who “calories in-calories out” theory is fundamentaly flawed.

Also – get your Omega 3’s in – (NOT omega 6 and 9 – we get a lot of this from our polyunsaturated diets) It is found in grass-fed beef, fatty fishes such as mackerel and also – eggs again!  Don’t ignore vital sources of nutrients over grams of fat.  This will not make your hair or your body healthy 🙂


If you need a boost for your hair or you over-style and need to inject some concentrated nutrients to your hair – there are a couple of supplements that will do the trick.  Firstly a broad spectrum multi-vitamin that contains zinc and a B vitamin complex is advised for day to day life.  Also it is very likely if you live in the UK that you have a vitamin D deficiency.  Try supplementing with vitamin D3 around the 1000iu mark – 400iu just isn’t enough.  (Holland & Barrett – Vitamin D3 Tablets (10ug) £3.29 for 100 tablets)

Reese Witherspoon is a huge fan of Viviscal Hair Repair – which contains the exclusive AminoMar C (TM) complex and provides essential proteins required to enhance and protect the natural health and condition of damaged and over-styled hair.

PK4HAIR, a unique vegetarian protein capsule, to help encourage healthy hair growth from within.  Philip Kingsley has created this vegetarian-friendly supplement as an alternative to traditional gelatine-based proteins which are derived from cattle.  For 50 years, Philip has advocated a holistic approach to hair health: ‘Hair consists of protein, so sufficient protein intake is vital to strong, healthy hair.  Proteins consist of amino acids.  PK4HAIR is a combination of amino acids derived from soy protein which help hair to grow at its best possible density.’ Together with a healthy hair diet, PK4HAIR protein supplements will provide the essential building blocks for beautiful, healthy locks. Take two capsules twice daily as a dietary supplement.  After approximately 4 months you will notice an improvement in hair health

Silica-OK  Vitamin D3  PK4 Hair



Using quality products is the next most important thing for luxe looking hair

Shampoo, conditioner and scalp treatments by Phillip Kingsley

Choose the best shampoo and conditioner that you an afford – remember you only need a pea-sized amount.  Shop around until you get the one that makes your hair feel nourished and shiny – our recommended products are by Philip Kinglsey – who is not a celebrity hair stylish but in fact a hair and scalp doctor.  He uses science to create the most nourishment for your hair and scalp through the products and has innovative products such as the swim cap and the Elasticizer.


Hair styling by ghd

Heat Protection Spray - Ghd  Volume Foam - ghd

Developed by the UK‟s top stylists, the ghd Heat Protection System is by far the best spray in its class.  I have a whole box of heat protection sprays I’ve started using and discarded.  This one I will not 🙂  It can be used on towel dried hair before blow drying or on dry hair before using straightners – so it instantly more effective than half of the products in the market which have only one application.  The scent of the product is nice and the spray coats the hair well.  I can say that my hair has never looked better after a blow dry (non-salon!) and feels in much better condition with much less frizz.  Plus the packaging is uber sleek.

The Volume Foam can help to create styles that would normally drop easily or loose their height – it gets right in at the roots and also contains the heat protection system to allow you to blow dry with it or use the irons to create a wave/curl look.

Finally – get the best products – don’t scrimp and save on something like hair straighteners or hairdryers – which can make or break a look.  If you rely on sleek, shiny hair there really is no better straightener than ghd.  In their latest incarnation – they are lighter than even before, with a cooler barrel and anti-bacteria coating on the plates.    ghd’s can be found at all reputable retailers, various online sites such as, and at their own website

If you like to create different looks, curls and waves or flicks, then the cooler barrel means you can get your fingers on the straighteners and get your hair curled right around them.  And who could resist such gorgeous packaging!!

ghd straighteners


Award winning hairdryer – The Alter Ego 1700W Professional Tourmaline Hairdryer 

I spotted this being demonstrated on QVC and it created some amazing results with some quite flat and dull hair.   This powerful hairdryer boasts an ergonomic, lightweight design and is no stranger to professional hair salons – it can be used all day, everyday and will not let you down. It comes beautifully packaged making it a great gift for the woman who values her hair and loves professional quality.  In a study with professional hairdressers, the Ego was found to help improve shine, smoothness, and overall manageability of the hair – 71% said it increased smoothness, 71% claimed it increased softness and 68% said it helped reduce frizz.

Alter Ego


Salon treatments


Trevor Sorbie has launched a Smoothing Clinic in his salons across the UK to allow women access to salon professional treatments such as The Sorbie Kink Fix”, the Brazillian Blow Dry (£190) which creates salon perfect hair for up to 12 weeks right through to the £230 treatment which promises ultra straight, smooth hair with maintenace required every 6-9 months.

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