Getting Women into the Motor Industry

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Most people always assume that women can’t make it in the motor industry, well think again. There are so many more opportunities for women in this exciting and diverse business, that the motor industry should no longer be considered as a man’s world. Times are changing and women certainly have a role to play in the motor industry. 

Just take a look at 1914, during World War I, even then women played an important role in the automotive industry (and they did it well). Not that you need much more convincing to get women in the motor industry. At least now we can say that more businesses are increasing their employment of women in more senior roles as well, which just demonstrates that women belong in the motor industry. There are plenty of myths that involve women and bad driving though, so let’s check out some common myths about women and cars and see how we can debunk them.

Myth 1: Women Can’t Drive

There will always be someone who makes a joke about women not being able to drive. If they had said it twenty or thirty years ago, then people might have laughed. But now times have changed, and the only difference is that that joke is no longer funny because women can actually drive. Women might actually be better drivers as well (but that’s a completely separate argument).

Saying that though, a recent report has suggested that women could soon be over taking men as the main drivers of a car. If this happens, then I’m sure that women will overtake them in a nice, safe fashion as well. Just take a look at the fact that women make fewer insurance claims. There’s a reason that women can get cheaper insurance, just look at the facts. 

Myth 2: Careers in motoring are for men

The motor industry has predominately been a man’s world. So, it’s no wonder that some women are worried that if they work in the garage, that people’s main focus will be on her gender and not her skill with a car. But since women are buying and selling cars, then shouldn’t they design, manufacture and sell them? If a woman wants to open up a repair garage, then she should be able to do that without people batting an eyelid.

All she needs to do is make sure that she has motor trade insurance, a good business plan and she’ll be all sorted. Nothing should be able to stop her from doing the job that she wants. Women are at least being encouraged to get started in this industry though, and companies that employ or recruit women will receive money on training and developing them. So, it’s a win-win for everyone. Women get to work in the job that they want, and companies get a more skilled workforce.

Myth 3: To Succeed in a Male Dominated Career, a Woman Needs to be Manly

This is just not true. Just because you might be outnumbered by your male counterparts, does not mean that you can’t climb the corporate ladder. Many of the advantages that men seem to gain in their job comes from their behavioural choices, not their gender. You don’t have to sacrifice your values, reinvent your personality or dress in masculine suits. You can still be you, that doesn’t’ have to change.

Instead, being brave enough to ask for things like a raise is the only difference. Only 45% of women are happy to ask for a raise, whereas 61% of men will ask for one (which might explain why there is a difference between male and female salaries). You don’t need to change who you are in order to succeed though, there are plenty of women who are progressing up the corporate ladder in industries that were traditionally seen as a man’s job. So just be brave and put your best foot forward. You can easily succeed when it comes to joining the motor trade industry. So, if you are thinking of a career change, make sure you check out this article here. Particularly, if you are keen to get started in the motor trade industry.

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