How to choose an office design that suits your brand values

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When it comes to your business, you need an office that truly shows off who you are. Yes, you can have the best location and plenty of customers that come to visit you, but does your building actually state what your company’s core values are? Whether you want more modern frontage, or are interested in an Art Decostylef building, be confident in your interior design. Make sure it is both practical and aesthetic. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Interior Glass Walls

Do you want to install a meeting room in your building? Well, instead of going for the same old plaster or stone walls, why not opt for a glass window? If you want your core values to show that you are open and honest, a glass meeting room can make sure that your workers can see you and any others that are in the same meeting room. Not only that but the glass walls give your interior a sleek and modern feel to them.

Colour and Vibrancy

If you are quite a young company and you want to show off that you are a sleek but quirky business, you may want to incorporate a bright and colourful interior design to your office. Your walls may include art/graffiti murals that express the overall message of your firm – but don’t forget to also apply this logic to your furniture. If you want to be like one of the flexible workplaces In London from Be Offices, then it’s important for you to think outside of the box. Consider what colours would show you off as fun and quirky and then apply them to your whole interior design.

Open Plan Offices

Want to show the world that you are a fun and friendly company that seeks to promote growth between all employees? Get rid of the cubicles and instead incorporate an open plan office. This is an office that allows employers to be flexible with their workstations. Instead, they encourage friendships between workers and allow easy communication about different projects. You can also choose highly flexible furniture and tables that can be easily moved about, meaning that if your office situation changes, you easily adapt to it. You could also include different areas in the space, including a reception, a meeting space or even a relaxation area. 

Relaxation Spaces

Work is important, but if one of your values includes working and playing hard, you may want to include a break space for your hard-working employees. It’s important that they are in their top condition. You may, unfortunately, have stressful periods in the office, but if you create a vibrant relaxation space with beanbags, comfy sofas, a book case, a game station or even a nap space, this can help your employees start to relax. It may also become the perfect place to visit during lunch hours. Just make sure that you also include some tables that can be used for both work and eating. You may also want to remind your employees to keep them as clean as possible. 

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