Gift Ideas for the Family Historian in Your Life Who Is Approaching Their 50s

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As family historians reach their 50s, their passion for genealogy and uncovering their family’s history continues to grow. Yet, gift-giving can be complex at the best of times without the intended recipient having a niche interest like genealogy! 

So, if you have a family historian in your life who is approaching this milestone, you might be struggling to search for the perfect gift to support ongoing research and exploration. To help you find the best one, we’ve created this article that lists gift ideas to delight and inspire the family historian in your life. From at-home paternity testing kits to family tree software – keep reading to get inspired. 

Family Tree Software

Help your family historian organize and expand their family tree with user-friendly family tree software. These software options provide efficient tools for documenting and researching family history, allowing for easy sharing and collaboration with other family members. Consider choosing software with robust features such as data visualization, research tracking, and multimedia integration.

Personalized Genealogy Books

Surprise the family historian with a personalized genealogy book that compiles their research and family stories into a beautifully crafted keepsake. Numerous online platforms allow you to create custom genealogy books with family photos, historical documents, and personal narratives. This thoughtful gift will be cherished for years to come.

Alternatively, consider gifting them a factual genealogy book that they can use to aid their own journey into their family history or another’s genealogy fan’s journey, which will fuel them with inspiration to keep unearthing the roots of their family tree. Whichever you choose, you can find a range of popular genealogy books available in-store and on online marketplaces like Amazon. 

DNA Testing/Paternity Kits

For a family historian curious about their genetic roots, a paternity test or DNA testing kit can provide invaluable information. These tests can shed light on familial connections, confirm biological relationships, and further enhance genealogical research. 

Consider gifting a paternity test kit or at-home DNA testing kit like the ones from AlphaBiolabs to support their exploration and understanding of their family history. These tests can be carried out in a private at-home setting, with the results emailed to a named email address within three days. 

Visit their website to browse their complete collection of at-home testing kits, read customer testimonials, and learn more about DNA paternity testing by scrolling through their knowledge hub. Or contact them directly and discover how their at-home testing services could serve as the perfect gift for the (soon-to-be fifty!) family historian in your life. 

Genealogy Magazine Subscription

Stay current with the latest trends, research methodologies, and discoveries in the field of genealogy by gifting a subscription to a genealogy magazine. These magazines often feature expert articles, case studies, and tips for genealogical research. Subscriptions provide regular inspiration and knowledge to fuel the family historian’s passion.

Research Trip/Workshop

Consider surprising the family historian with a research trip to a location of ancestral significance or a genealogy workshop. These experiences offer opportunities to delve deeper into specific branches of the family tree, interact with experts in the field, and connect with fellow genealogists. Research trips and workshops can be transformative experiences that ignite their love for genealogy.

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