Give your garden a new year makeover

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Have you been looking at your neighbors garden with envy as they enjoy their relaxing outdoor space? If your garden become lackluster and needs a makeover, here are some simple ways to add a woman’s touch to your garden:

Plant pots

Add a dramatic pop of color to your garden using large colorful pots, no one pays attention to standard terra-cotta pots so why not go for bright vibrant colours? Use big containers, a few well chosen large pots will have a dramatic impact, a dozen smaller ones will go unnoticed.

Jazz up your deck or patio

The right choice of garden furniture can make all the difference and can make your patio or deck the focal point of your garden. Choose your furniture carefully, small pieces will make the space seem even smaller but a few well chosen oversize pieces will make the space seem larger than it actually is. Add some instant lighting using glass globes with tea light candles, this will also add an ambiance to those evenings spent relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine.

Garden Shed

Garden sheds don’t just have to be a storage area for your mower and garden tools. If you have the space and the budget you could convert your shed into anything from a bar to an additional living space. If this isn’t an option, consider refreshing the look of your shed with a lick of paint, or by mounting some garden art on it. Outdoor art can be a great talking point and can help theme your outdoor room.


Add flowers

If your borders are looking a bit gloomy, add some flowers or flowering plants. The splashes of colour will break up the beds, adding variety and contrast. Plan for a succession of colour throughout the year by checking the bloom times, and including a mix of spring summer and autumn bloomers. You can add annuals to ensure ongoing colour. You can also consider herbs and vegetables as an alternative, as many have beautiful flowers including dill, basils, rosemary and chives.

Keep it simple

One of the main reasons people like to spend time outside is for relaxation, and the calmer your garden feels the better. Plan your ideas for your garden and try to picture them working together. Be careful not to overdo it as it will make your space look cluttered. This is particularly important in a small garden where the tendency is to throw all the ideas into a tiny space.

Image by Wildroof used under the Creative Commons license.

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