Gone blonde like Cheryl Cole? Haircare advice

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Cheryl Cole Blonde Pure silver ShampooPure Silver Conditioner

Pure Shampoo and conditioner for blonde and coloured/highlighted hair – our Chezza will be needing some of this now she has gone for a blonde asymetrical bob!

We ask Philip Kingsley some questions about caring for your hair.  He is a Trichologist, which means he is a scalp AND hair doctor – not a “celebrity hairstylist” and understands the deep science behind having great looking hair!

Philip KinglseyPhilip Kinglsey 2

What are the greatest hair crimes known to hair science?

“Never brush wet hair – Hair is at its most fragile when wet – applying to much traction and pulling will weaken the hair. After washing towel dry and gently use a wide tooth comb to comb through the hair, but be gentle. Always ensure you use a conditioner as this will make the hair more manageable after washing.”

“Over brushing your hair – 100 stroke brushing is a relic of the days when hair was washed, at most, once a week, and brushing removed dirt and dust.  Brushing 100 strokes a day would wear out your hair (think of brushing a wool sweater 100 times a day – you’d wear holes in it).  Too much brushing would also break your hair and pull it out.”

Are there any hair washing myths the experts can dispel?

“Washing hair everyday dries it out – This is only true if you are using a shampoo with too harsh a cleanser in it. You need to wash your hair daily as this is the key to healthy hair. You wouldn’t dream of not cleansing your skin daily, so show your hair the same consideration. Hair will not look its best if dirty. Try a shampoo with gentle cleansers such as Philip Kingsley Moisture Balance Shampoo £14.30 for 250ml”

How can I minimise the damage to coloured treated hair (specifically bleached or highlighted)

“Colouring hair often dries it out and leads to breakage.  To attain stronger hair you would need to eat a high protein diet, particularly at breakfast and lunch.  This though, would affect only the new growth of a ½ inch a month – a long time to wait.  As a further help to strengthen, take a protein supplement such as PK4Hair. From an external viewpoint, use a remoisturizing hair mask such as Philip Kingsley multi-award winning Elasticizer twice a week.  These will make an almost immediate difference.”

If you are on a bit of a budget or can only get to a Boots – Trevor Sorbie is an great alternative to the science behind Philip Kinglsey’s brand.

Trevor Sorbie – All items below £5.10 and available from Boots!

Ice Blonde Conditioner  Ice Blonde Shampoo   Ice Blonde Treatment   Ice Cool Spray

Ice Cool Platinum Shampoo/Conditioner is designed to enhance lighter shades of natural, coloured or high lighted blonde hair from the first wash.

Ice Cool Platinum Intensive Treatment enhances natural, coloured or high-lighted blonde hair.
Its targeted deep conditioners penetrate the hair shaft, improving your hair’s strength and condition whilst repairing damaged areas. Leaves hair shiny and rejuvenated, with a more radiant colour.

Ice cool platinum Uv shine protector spray enhances natural, coloured or high-lighted blonde hair.
Gives high protection against damaging UVA/UVB rays, and preventscolour fade from sunlight.
Gives hair a healthy-looking gloss and shine.


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