Harvey Nichols goes Wheat Free

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…..for British Food week!

The month of September will be an unusual one for Harvey Nichols in London, their cafe and restaurant menu will have a wheat-free theme and there will be a nutrionalist on hand to discuss wheat free options with you or your family.  Their afternoon tea has been created by head executive chef using Sharpham Park spelt and will feature such delights as spelt scones, spelt sandwiches, sour cherry spelt tart and lemon drizzle spelt cake with almonds.

Not only that – but leading spelt product manufacturer Sharpham Park are setting up a “pop-up shop” for the month in Harvey Nichols food court to display their amazing range of spelt based wheat free products.  From granola, museli and puffs for breakfast to sweet and savoury biscuits and spelt flour – you will be spelt for choice!  Not sure where to start?  The £30 hamper inlcudes a huge selection from their range.

Having an intolerance to wheat isn’t the same as a gluten allergy.  The allergy to gluten (cealiac disease) is primarily due to an auto-immune disorder.  Having a wheat allergy could manifest itself as simply as IBS and many people would go through their lives living with the discomfort this causes without knowing the real cause.

With such a fabulous range of wheat-free products to curb your cravings and whole recipes books for meat/fish and veg based recipes – it’s really easy to practice an elimination diet and see how much more energy you have, as well as – less cramps, less digestive problems, better bowel health and less bloating!

Try a month of wheat free and if you feel better – you will never look back!

(If you can’t make it to Harvey Nichols to try out this brand – you can find other stockists HERE)

Pearled Spelt


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